September 5th, 2004


Sunday, Sept 5

I gotta say ... I almost feel guilty about how unbelievably perfect the weather is this weekend... and it's the long weekend so... bonus!!
Nothing but blue sky and and that "pre-fall" air. 

Yesterday was like a "labour day"... sheeeiite!!!
Z and I cleaned all the screens and windows and while she beavered away on some more stuff... I kinda got into it in the kitchen. :D

I went to my "memories" section and drew out that "peach upside down cake" recipe [ :: here :: ] and gave it another shot...
It started wonderfully... and ended a bit messy when the "put the top part on" got messed up... but in the end... it's still gonna be so good you would scream after every bite!!! (click these thumbs for a better view)

Oh... and my dad brought over a basket of miniature plums from the tree in his back yard...

... they are sweet and crazy good (but gah!!! don't try to eat the skin). 
We're going to make plum butter jam for this years Christmas kifli baking...

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans...
~ and a denim shirt... ... kind of a "blue" day I suppose. :)
~ play...
~ play...
~ go to SIL's house... and play more. :D
~ watch a movie tonight...
~ did I mention play?
~ for a girl named giggles... to feel some good friendly love.  And I hope things are ok sugar... or get that way soon.
~ it was possible to plug in and download directly to my brain... everything you guys said in your journals yesterday... :D
~ I get a chance to really get a good look at miracle7077's pictures from Alaska...
~ that all is well with my dear friend bair's hubby Tom!
~ that sixtyten and catherine manage to get their pc's cleaned off... man, do I ever feel your pain with the spyware shit!!

But most of all... I really hope my friends in Florida are going to be ok... !!! and I hear there's another storm on the way... gah! I hope this isn't punishment for all those hanging chads!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Trust me...

Where in...  Drew continues a relentless campaign to drive Diane complete insane... whether he realizes it or not. Everybody reads their lines, but this is the end game and feigned excitement over a new HoH won’t change the fact that it's every house mat for themselves.

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