September 4th, 2004



Couple of days ago...
... came home from work.
So frick'en tired...
I was sleeping all over the living room...
(click it)

And it's late!!
time for bed.

Edit: How'd I do that?
This is really kinda easy... I set up a tripod and frame a nice room picture. Then using the 10 second timer, I snap several shots with myself in different postions in the room. Next is to use a graphics application that will let you do "Layers" on an image (i.e. photoshop). Select all, copy and paste each image into the same "new image" forming a series of layers with the image of me in the "most background" location at the bottom of the stack. Then using the "lasoo" tool, I trim away everything from the successive images except myself or things that change (i.e. the cushions on the chair changing position because I'm on it...). When I'm done that I just save it as one image (jpg).


Tomorrow is CFS... so I'll see you Sunday.

ps. yes I was just kidding around with the snax news thing...

ni ni