September 3rd, 2004


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Ok.. bed time... :D
** news!! **
My friend snwbrdette had her baby tonight. :D
Team Time Bomb gives up another one!

(as reported by ellnra22...
Shaina Ann was born at 5:54 pm on 9/02/04
She is 6lbs, 12 ounces, 19 1/2 inches, and bee you tee ful!!!

Congratulations Shawnya... I'm glad everyone is healthy. :D


Time for bed...
see ya tomorrow. (friday... wohoo...)

ni ni.

Friday... (does a little dance)... September 3

It's another beautiful day... We've had our fare share of crummy this summer... but right now... it's all Mother Nature After Glow.

I try to imagine what it's like to protect and care for my family living in southern florid right now... and my heart aches for my very good, kind and caring friends that do in fact live there. I hope that the storm dies down a bit before it crawls over Orlando... but that's just trading a pair jacks for kings and still getting beat by three two's. Please be safe guys...

Now... about last night!!! I have more replies to a post reminding you to tape big brother than I do to an actual game (Which One Is The Lie) where I ask for you to respond...
Clearly you all hate me and refuse to play with me because my mother dresses me funny.
[ :: of course, you could click here and go to the game and make a guess!!!!! :: ]

~ red stripe ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [:: I need new blue jeans... oh, and here's the epic.. :: ]
~ black t...
~ tommy sweater... thin... two tone... :)
~ several updates to the team web site today...
~ rip apart three ultra 2 sparc servers and find more ram for the oracle server... maybe another external disk...
~ write about BB from last night... man... it's a dirty game now yo!
~ tonight... well I dunno...
~ for my sweet friend aint2nuts's family to be strong... and I hope with all my heart... for a strong heart to be there for him.
~ a safe and healthy delivery for Linda... a friend of my island girl... aeuve.
~ to just remind myself out loud... about what a treasured friend alma_perdida is...
~ to point out that today would be a really good day to run into nbbmom on the street and High Five the hell out of her. :D
~ that Miss Moni... er... cinimon_girl has found decent digs to hang her jeans...
~ and more congratulations out to snwbrdette on the birth of her little baby girl last night... :D

Listen... what's that sound... oh... it's the sound of the airwaves faltering in Charlottesville, Virginia... Your loss 3WV... your loss big!

// if you ever wanted a good perceptual definition of what "Terrifying" means... just imagine being the parent of any of the children in that school in Russia when the explosions and gun fire started. Parents drove their private vehicles into the middle of the fire fight to grab fleeing hostages (children) and try to get them to safety... hundreds of children injured... I'm just stunned at how awful that situation must be.

Ok... the day is calling...
time to fly.
see ya. (and sings along with the song... )
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Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Dial 1-800-FEEDJULIE now... and save a Chen.

Where-in... Marvin, in an outrageous fit of "check out Mr. Smarty Pants", manages to totally fuck himself. Now if he’d just do the "Dr. Evil bites his baby finger" thing...the picture would be complete. Diane, ever in need of good medical attention, is brought to the very brink of long term psychological care by Mr. Happy himself... Drew, the boy that everybody plays because...well, his brain is about the size of Georgia peanut. Oh, and Adria, the girl completely unencumbered with intelligence, gets to stammer a lot...

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SNAX News:
US President, George W. Bush, reacting to internal
government reports that the Russian school hostage
taking incident was the work of none other than
Osama Bin Ladden, has mobilized US Forces and
attacked Paraguay. 
"We will respond with equal or greater force and stem
this terrible tide of aggression." he said in a news scrum
beside the helicopter pad at the white house.