August 31st, 2004



The September Club...

Here's a wee post about some friends of mine,
A few words that I thought I'd share.
Each celebrates their birthday this month,
and I bet you thought this would rhyme.

ar ar ar

In order of their appearence at the alter of age,
Let me present The September Club,
Good friends and good people... every single one of them!!

A long entry I know… but you don’t lj-cut birthday wishes.
That’s just wrong. :D

To all of you, my best wishes for a very happy birthday...

serraph (1) An electrician slash most-stunning-woman!  You are so very much a jewel on my friends page... thank you for your friendship Suzy-J.
sedona_red (2) Have a wonderful B-Day Renee, and a year of… how about a year of getting your way! :D No really… have a grand adventure sugar.
agateway (3) Dearest Mandy... thank you for years of good friendship. You've been so darn sweet to me... Happy Birthday!! I am swimming in the best wishes for you and your little Sam this year.
hapyliz (5) Now Liz… it’s been a while… (snicker) Happy Birthday to a much absent Liz. I know your busy living instead of writing about it… so go you!
justholly (5) May you a) get loads better in time for your birthday and b) I do hope you have a wonderful year.
schwack (5) Happy Birthday oh absent Matt. :D
amythyst (6) May this year bring you and yours a new deal and great sense of accomplishment.  Oh, and may the house love you all right back!!
pebblesnga (6) A long vanished lj friend… who is no doubt busy with her very big family and hopefully loving her life… happy birthday Pam.
ursusmaritimus (6) Have a great year oh Enforcing One... a year of life and a year of happy!
cablondi (7) May you and your family have a wonderful year ahead Dawn and I hope you reach for goals and find them in your hands.
catherine (7) Sweet Catherine... may the promise of this year bring limitless joy to you, Alan and The C man...
diskobox (7) another absentee… Happy Birthday Kristine. I hope you’re somewhere being adventurous. :D
aeuve (8) An exotic Island girl... snicker. I hope this year brings us closer to a chance to visit you in PEI.
bardiva (9) There is never enough diva!!  Have a wonderful year Stephanie, and I hope you find your heart racing…
stuckinkansas (10) Happy Birthday Trace… I hope this year finds itself well persevered behind the lens of your camera and that you enjoy the best of health.
vina (11)  An absent friend... and from the time she shared while here, very clearly a good person. I hope this message finds you well … let alone finds you.
meeshsmind (13) May you have every opportunity your heart desires this year… just so long as a few of them are spent writing in your journal. :D Have a great year Sugar-M&M.
katscan (14)  It’s all black little kat… happy bday camera girl. Have a wonderful year and makes loads of memories.
joyfuldreamer (17) I hope you and your tiny little family have a healthy and heart warming year.
kristylicious (17) This is the first of what I know will be many very special years in the story of you.  By far the most wonderful and adventurous chapter in the story so far. Happy Birthday Mrs K.
jgurney (19) Have a great year James… I hope you keep your camera handy and that this next year finds you safe and healthy.  !!
the_jug (19) Happy Birthday you giant Tim Horton’s Mug you! Oh wait… they call that the Jug… Coffee much? Have a great year and may there be nothing to grumble about!
jeninaustin (20) A long absent friend, but a friend that walked an incredible journey when she was here. I hope you are well and this year brings wonderful things to you.
velcro_girl (20) Happy Birthday absent Jess… I sincerely hope you and your family are healthy and well… and that you have a wonderful birthday.
angry_amy (21) One wish… for your happiness. May it find you over and over again this year.
carefreespirit (21) May this year bring you health, love and nasty fun kite fights! Thank you for your friendship. You’re a good geek and great woman. :D
misskris (21) A whole lotta someone precious lives here… Happy B-day Kris! I hope this year brings you closer to your hearts desire and wraps you in dreams come true.
aliseana (22) For your health, safety and happiness... my birthday wishes for you. You are wonderful.
emily (24) I hope you have a grand birthday Emily.. May the next year bring you much success and find new ways to keep a smile on your lips.
lothie (24) Happy Birthday Mimi… May you, and your family, find that the year ahead passes leaving good memories and great health behind.
mspish (25) May there be a whole lotta Rob in your year and sugar… you’re a really great girl, I hope you have a wonderful year.
aireal (26) Happy b-day sugar-A. May you have every chance to learn and grow this year... I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
kitykity (26) Hi Suzy… I hope you have a great year ahead and … and … that Sting shows up, slightly flush, at your door asking if he can come in a have a bath.  Failing that… may your birthday be a pleasure and your year a great treat.
meck13 (26) I hope this next year keeps you and your family well Sugar-Mec... Healthy and making new reasons to put pictures on your fridge.
tiarafetish (27) Where the south never stops being wonderful… Happy Birthday C and I hope you hold the reigns of much personal success as this wraps itself around you.
_myowndecember_ (28) Have a great year Gubaru… I hope you celebrate your birthday with friends and make wonderful memories. 
markalope (28)  Happy Birthday Mark! May you, P and Max all have a great year and I hope you enjoy their company making great memories.
sexxxysaira (28) Gone… but not forgotten. (I’m guessing you’re here somewhere…) Have a great birthday where ever you are sugar.
lady_anandia(29) Another busy mom… I hope you are well sugar and have a wonderful birthday.
ohmysheglows (29) Hey Ashley… I hope things are ok… Have a great birthday lil’sugar and may you find many reasons to feel thankful and happy.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you ... Happy birthday dear... all of you! ... Happy Birthday to you!

Tuesday, August 31... Clearly Not September 1st.

Yeah... so wake up and go directly to my new dentist... I fucking blew off Mengela and his crew after that horrific Root Canal issue. New Dude has the uber groove station coffee maker system for clients and his office is way close to home. (yeah!) I'm seeing him about the tension and headaches in the land of "post root canal me". I have a real TMJ problem and it's just being a bitch lately. So ... he fitted me with this relatively new gizmo... a california invention. It's a mini bite manager... Clips over the two front teeth and it's small... but when it's in ... none of the other teeth can connect. It's called NTI-tss "Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System" HA! Say that five times fast without spitting... dare ya! :D

I'll let you know how it goes...

Hey... I posted my [ :: Big Birthday Bonanza post :: ] for The September Club last night... completely convinced that today was the begining of September.
Sorry if I'm a little out of sync. :D

~ green ftls
~ dk gray dress pants
~ deep maroon dress shirt
~ a nice tie... yeah, a tie... ug.
~ dentist before I was even awake!!
~ complete the oracle process... patches... we don't need no stinking patches... er... oh wait... yes we do.
~ a couple of meetings on the "backup project."
~ Amazing Race and Big Brother tonight... REMEMBER: New Times for tonights shows.
~ that the tomorrows creaping towards smalltowngirlie ... hurry up and get here.
~ for some really good vibes to make their way into the life and times of Sugar-Vix... er... alcestis.
~ that the world of you catches a little break there theauthoress...
~ for all that ouch to go away pixiecup... I'll even kiss it better...
~ to just send a few random moments of wish out to icicle... um... just because.
~ that today is the start of something wonderful for my friend nbbmom.

At times like [ :: this :: ] I really wish I was a Mac Head... As I said to balljar... that is gucking forgeous!!

So I keep hearing about them Iraqi insurgents and their new money grubbing methods of fighting the American Infidels. Why only yesterday they were reporting another new Tax on the oil pipelines. Last week there levied a tax on the oil wells themselves. Now I guess you have to hand it to them for playing the Americans own game on them... tax tax tax... it's what kills ya man... But how can all those money fat companies playing in the Persian Gulf be complaining about those Clerics and their followers. I mean... it's just a tax. Like they don't have to deal with that everywhere... and besides they always just pass it on to the consumers... right...
what? hmm?
Oh... Attacks!
Okay... um... never mind.

K... time to go play with Oracle - TMFF, (The Monster From Frisco)

Have a wonderful day!!!! :D
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I really don't understand the conundrum that faces so many potential voters in America.

People lay claim to their political affiliation like it's some kind of virtue or better yet...
a determining factor in their expectations for the hear-after.

Believe me... the religious personification of the great unanswered questions... aka God, could not care less if you are a republican or a democrat.

What really matters is whether or not you... (and by "you" I mean, the american voter) are ready to step up to the plate... and vote for change.

It boggles my mind that a country with such fervent ties to christian religion can be so easily moved to nationalist pride over the actions of a global playground bully and toss out every virtue espoused in their holy scriptures in favour of killing, burning and destroying.
There should be billboards plastered across the skylines of all your great cities covered with the images of the dead and the torn up soldiers you have sent to distant lands to suffer and die... for what? Because your government is going to bring peace, prosperity and democracy to those other countries???
Note: such billboards would be against the law... so don't worry... little johnny with his legs blown off will not soon grace the skyline. It's ok to show dead arabs but, apparently, not dead americans.

No really... I find it really challenging to understand how people can be "pro war" and support an administration that pushes your sons and daughters to the business end of an automatic weapon and sends them out into the world to fight other peoples battles in the name of homeland security.

Raise you hand if you think America is safer since Bush took your country to war in the Persian Gulf.
Now use that hand to pat yourself on the head... good dog... here's a biscuit.
Now stand on one foot and bark.

Why is there any question about whether or not people should vote for Kerry?

You know what you get with Bush...

You don't know what you will get with Kerry.
But for sure it'll take him and his circus a year to get their shit together.
Can you imagine how many Americans will not DIE during that year?


:::::::::::::::::[ End of Day me - get that outta yer mouth ]::::::::::::::::
~ sometimes I have to admit...
it's nice to get the sensation of something soft and fuzzy in your mouth...
letting the legs press against your cheeks...
(check the photographic evidence above)

Ok where was I?

OH yeah... click click click click... ahhh... I'm spent!
Today is done... now there's nothing left but kids, food, bedtime stories and a bunch of TV.
It's nice to kiss the work day good bye... and watch it fade into the rear view mirror.

ps. Did you know Dick Cheney used to be on the Board Of Directors of Haliburton?

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Race Fans... Amazing Race is on at 9:00 EST not 10:00 tonight.

Big Brother is ... on now (8:00 EST) not 9:00.

and as for the earlier post... politically charged... I love it when people address devisive and complex issues here and do it with so much class. If only the politicians had as much character as you guys! :)