August 30th, 2004


Monday, August 30

Smile.... come on...

brrr... chilly day yo. And I like it.

No sun... that's not much fun but it's not a stink'en hot muggy day and I'm good with that.

You know how when a little guy... you're kids... whatever, burps... you say "say excuse me when you burp." You're teaching them some manners.
Time goes by - fairly quickly, btw - and you stop with the whole "say excuse me when your burp" and replace it with "excuse me"... to which they reply... "excuse me". Yeah... this is all good... except when you layer the sneeze response on this model. "AhhhAhhhAhhhChoooooo...." he says... "bless you" you say... to which he replies "bless you". And you can't really fix it... He's gotta grow out of it... :D

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t with a blue button up shirt.
~ to find the people that wanted me to do the Oracle deal today...
~ this should be an all-day-sucker
~ book-keeping tonight... time to sort out the stack of "statements" that has been piling up...
~ that little miss strudel... er... maggie gets to work on time... :)
~ that amyaustin doesn't explode... from holding that stuff in... whatever it is...
~ to welcome designergirl back to the world of the properly connected... well, almost... soon... this week? !! :D
~ that today goes swimmingly for my very long time, and forever friend nbbmom...
~ and without hesitation... for the miracle to paint dear catherine in the colours of happiness. congrats sugar-c.

I really wanted to watch Full Metal Jacket this weekend... I've never seen this flick but I know it's going to be good... ... hmm... maybe I'll watch it tonight.

So much to say... and absolutely no time to say any of it.
I have to get busy. Hopefully I'll be back later.
Monday... surprisingly busy day.

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And that's a wrap...
everybody go home.
er... ok wait... you guys don't have to go anywhere...

Me, on the other hand... absolutely outta here.
see ya.


ph ( suck omb )
- to yield to superior strength or force or overpowering appeal or desire

Yeah, ok, so there's negative manifestations of this intransitive verb, but lets ignore that...
In every other way I love this word...

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oyi... it's very strange outside...
It's very cloudy... but there's a "grayness" to the very air itself.
... like the darkening clouds are pulling the light from around us,
... like a page of text printed when the toner cartridge is almost empty...

No, I'm not high. :D

Things I wish I saw at the olympics... but sadly missed.
~ the trampoline gymnast (ar ar ar) that stopped her routine (and forfeit her medal chances) to yell at her coach...
~ any of the rhythmic gymnastics... although silver hair and green eyeshadow sounds like the best of the lot.
~ the guy gymnast that walked away from the bars with a bleeding head...
~ the big honking russian wrestler that got pissed and started fighting with ..??? his coach? somebody elses coach?
~ the swedish beach volleyball team hugging after a point...

My son... Edward... sings great gothic chanting songs to himself when he's playing with ...
like action figures or a pile of beads or whatever...
it's beautiful, wonderful and a wee bit strange to hear.

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A small favour...

My friend kimmellee needs some help with an Lj Style thing.

I'm ok with the older style thing... but I feel a bit lame...
especially when I look at how complicated and cool some of the styles are now.

I know there's a load of people on my list who are practically ranked wizards with Lj Style stuff...

Now... Kim (yet another Kim in the looooooooooooong line of Kims in my life) is a great woman and a good friend, so besides my just sending out a load of mad props... it would be a really nice favour if - those of you who are "in the Lj Style Know" - someone would pop into her journal and offer her a little help.