August 26th, 2004


Thursday, August 26

CHECK OUT the size of that forehead... dude... I'm talking rentable space for advertising...
Maybe I could get a MIX 102.9 sticker on there... seeing as I listen to them all morning ... every work day... :D

Patrick: "Crazy talk? That's not crazy talk... this is crazy talk... aba dublol biza kumuk ido bublah budd ils tick ly mobu kazu"

~ gray ftls
~ black jeans... still perfectly black... you know what I mean? it's a jeans thing...
~ red p-z golf shirt...
~ sorting out info for a big ass Oracle install next week...
~ backup project...
~ reading another section of an OGC book that keeps yelling at me from the corner of my desk...
~ the best of health to my friend snwbrdette today... it's baby delivering day for her. :D :D :D :D
~ a happy number 4 LJ Anni to by friend wbahner
~ and that my fellow ottawa lj er (like I know ONE that isn't a coworker) harleydog beats the hum-ad-id-ity today
~ for today to improve... to find it's way back to the light for jeremyb
~ and to welcome catherine back from absent... (clicks around hoping for cube-buddy action) hmmm...

[ :: Olympic Watch - Eye on China. :: ]
Geezus... you'd think there'd be enough space in all of freaking CHINA to not have to evict a shit load of people from their homes mercilessly to make room for building Olympic facilities... I mean... It's China... It's not like they're gonna run out of room any time soon...
And the moment any of us cheer a hot chick in a skimpy bathing suit playing Volley Ball in Tiananmen Square when Beijing converts it to a beach... someone should snap our collective asses with a wet freaking towel.


So I ask you... how much wood could a wood chuck chuck?
no really skip that...

Mushy moment...

Thank you.
I love you.
You are wonderful
and nothing could ever make me forget that.

I swear, I have lost count of the number of you to whom I would say those very words if I could get my hands in yours and hold you still long 'nuf.
Have a great day.
See ya.

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Ranking, based on "commonality" english words...
at [ :: :: ]
(thank you jloopy for the link)

Love is the 384th most common word,
While hate resides way down at 3107.

Stop is almost uncommon at 644,
considering that Go is 105th.

Unfortunately, although expected, Talk,
at 569th is rather dramatically more common
than Listen (1781th).

Interestingly enough, my last name
is more common than the Charade, at 44084th.