August 25th, 2004


Wednesday, August 25.

K... the weather idiots are calling for "hot" today... So I'm expecting snow.

Am I the only person that thinks the "Hurdles" ... you know... track and field run-jump-run-jump... just looks like B&E Gone Bad Training?
oh, and have they already done the gymnastics thing with the big honking ribbon thing... and do they still toss a ball around while they do it?
That shit just kills me... it's right up there with sychro-swimming-martin-short stuff... Of course, the natural progression for the skilled "ribbon" gymnast is to get into bull whips when she gets past puberty... and I suppose that could be fun... 'specially if we're talking girls with names like Svetlana ... (geez that's pretty terrible eh... sorry if you're totally digg'en that fake sport stuff... )

Is anyone on my friends-list big on things related to "Scouts"... you know... boy scouts?
My friend, tiarafetish is a single mom and trying to get some info on Scouting as her boys are getting to that age.
She has a public post up about it [ :: here :: ] If you've got any insight... drop her a line.

Personally, my experiences with my boys and the freak show that is "Beavers" really tainted me... (beavers is the pre-cub-scout zone). But that's just me rebelling against anything that wants you sit down and shut up when an old guy wearing a blanket holds up two curved "hook" like fingers and makes "beaver teeth and noises". ... scary man....

~ black ftls
~ grayish blue dress pants
~ um... started as beige dockers, but I'm having a fat day... so they went back on the rack...
~ dark blue button up
~ um... yeah, work... ar ar ar...
~ no really... back up project research... Dear CommVault...
~ Geo has his last soccer game of the season tonight...
~ writing about BB at lunch... maybe about AR tonight...
~ that sugarvaulter gets a few nicole slaps in...
~ for everything to go smooth as silk for snwbrdette who is having her second baby um... tomorrow. And I remember meeting her online here in lj land when Jackson, her first baby was still a bit of a bun-in-the-oven... :)
~ the Notorious One ... er...Charlottesville Sugar gets the man... gets the job... gets the cash... and gets the love... and that the new digs stream their freaking station to the net! :D
~ and I'm glad yer nails aren't gonna fall off miss princessblondie...

One of my bosses indulged in a fist full of crack when I slapped the current box on the table in a quick meeting yesterday... and he's been warned several times... but did he listen? nooooooooo.... Apparently he paid the price all day and evening yesterday. You gotta work up your tolerance for this stuff... Personally, I'm on a self imposed abstinence for a week. (note: crack... starbucks dark choco covered espresso beans)

Um... any thoughts on Najaf?
//mini rant
First I have to reconcile the notion that I think the whole Iraq thing is a baggie of smack in Americas pocket... so assume I'd rather just bring all the armed forces and "rebuilding" transnational corporations home and wait for Iraq to ask for help nicely... and then the money machines can go back at their own speed... but keep the armed forces out.
However, that's a long and complicated issue.
The really fun issue is this Holy Freaking Shrine in Najaf.
Here's my thinking... Big Honking Bad Ass fuck nut cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and his punks are blasting away at the Man with rockets and bullets... and doing it from INSIDE the second most sacred Muslem shrine on the planet... and everybody is pussyfooting around trying not to hurt the building. But al-Sadr is still blasting away.
Blow the fucking place up yesterday for fucks sake, and burn the rubble.
Maybe dick smack cleric boy will think twice when he finds himself hot foot'en it to the first most sacred Muslem shrine.
Exactly how many soldiers are gonna be writing "Dear Mom: I got my legs blowed off but we didn't scratch the paint on that shrine..."

Ok time to be a worker boy... see ya.
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opposing elements contrive to confound.

~ headache... back and stressing my damn neck.
~ super hot n'spicey spaghetti for lunch... waiting for my spoon (I forgot my fork... fuck!)
~ boss just dropped five (count 'em 1, 2, 3, 4,... 5) kit kats on my desk...

Yeah... good frame of mind to diss the housemats on BB5. Time to write.


Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Kitty Burninator

Where-in... Miss Monotone continues to try and seek vengeance in the name of Mr. Pink (who is no doubt foaming at the mouth in the Jury house). Marvin’s getting testy and the conspiracy of Veto turns this into a blood sport. Oh, and they decide that Holly’s Hello Kitty ceramic cat must be Jewish.

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done... gah... I love this finger icon. :D Everybody should have a finger icon!

gasp... long day.

:::::::::::[end of day me]:::::::::::::

Time to zooom and get things sorted for the boys soccer game.

.... gotta jet.
Hope you had a good day...

oh... and some jokes went around the office email today...
My fav?

Boss: All your answers must be oral! ok..?. lets get started. "Where did you go to school?"
Employee: "oral"

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Amazing Race 5 Update!!

Amazing Race 5 Update!!

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Dubai

It's all about... the money!!  Hey look... it's every European's idea of what a butt head American is... and he's in a cab. Where's a suicide bomber when you really need one? Team CC reveals enough about themselves this time around to ensure that the calls will come rolling in when the game's over; calls from Abuse Support Groups, and Anger Management Consultants.  I think the broken down cabs was a "fix"... but it's all good because they get to fly in air planes again, so that means more anger management. We're headed for the Persian Gulf and it's too bad Mirna's not here to push Colin over the edge. 

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