August 23rd, 2004


Monday, August 23

Well I woke up all perky at 7:05 and walked around the room have a conversation with the alarm clock. Sadly I finished that talk by laying back down beside Suz who was all snuggly warm... and BOOM... 8:35 showed up. crap. I blame the three pieces of cheese cake I had last night... snicker.
Shower, shave, dress, lunch, coffee, snap a pic and across town by 9:20... and I finally realized I didn't have even a hint of a headache. :D (does a little dance).

I was all happy about no headache at some point yesterday, but after dinner... it started coming back and it finally clicked that I was having a scatter-migraine so I crammed an immitrix injector up my nose and moved on. :D Today may actually complete headache free. Wouldn't that be sweet. :D :D

There's sunshine... warming air and loads to do at work.
Oh, and I'm really in a great mood.

~ blue ftls
~ green dress pants... dark green... not BRILLIANT VIBRANT GREEN Yo. :) sheesh
~ beige shirt.
~ get the go go juice going on the external web site host issues...
~ make several amendments to the external web site... hahahaha... oh man...
~ still need to write up some questions for the backup-project...
~ that my ever so distant friend sleep_walker has an absolutely wonderful day... just because.
~ that you all knew lique... besides the notion that she is wonderful... she's really got a way with words.
~ for a less sticky monday to find it's way to bulvai
~ to send a world of small hugs to lunaobrien and .... hope.
~ that all is well for aliminx after the crash... um... car...
~ and that sleep and maybe even some good dreams will please find crayolaphoenix

Somebody said "tell me what you believe".

The god concept is a misguided effort to anthropomorphize answers to the biggest questions.
Organized religion is an out-of-date concept that takes the god concept and uses it to manipulate the willing masses.
The Bible is a metaphor... well, several actually, and viewed in that way it's purpose is clear and can be very helpful.
It's fiction can be attributed to Constantine.
As a sacred text, and the word of god... it's crap, and it fits in nicely with the organizers in their ongoing effort to carry out that manipulation.

All of that said, I do not believe in a single "power" responsible for any of this...
I believe in the power of love, I believe in the misfortune of hate, and I believe in the value of patience.
If believing in a god can help other people love more, hate less and find patience, then power to them.
Sadly, much about organized religion works in opposition to those things, despite what they preach.

It's all well and good to talk of the church's (any church) community spirit...
The KKK or the Free Masons can run a day camp or a drop-in-clinic but that doesn't make their beliefs any more palatable.

I'll take my community organizations with a load less guilt please.
/// ok ok I'll stop now. :D

Have a wonderful day... love more, hate less and be patient. :D
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Cheesecake Recipe

Just a few words about cheesecake...
ok, fine... a recipe.

You cannot go wrong with this,
and I defy you to not have an orgasm when you take a bite....

A spring form pan is a big plus... 8 inch
I mean... you really should have one, so go out a buy one.
It costs less than a beer so what's stopping you?

A good mixer is also a big plus... but you can do it with an electric hand mixer if that's all you've got...

Pam or butter the bottom of the spring form pan.

1 1/2 cups of graham cracker crumbs
1/3 cup of butter
1/4 cup (or less... it's up to you but use some...) of white sugar.

Melt the butter, pour it over the graham crumbs and add the sugar.
Go mental smushing it up with a fork and stir it up good.
Then dump it in the closed spring form and hand press it down firmly.
Pop it in the over, then turn the over on to 250. Don't preheat.
When the oven is up to speed... (the little light goes off...) the crust is done, so take it out.
When you're done the next part the crust will still be warm... this is a good thing.

1 package of phily cream cheese
1 small carton of whipping cream.
*(you can double both of these and continue... the cake just gets thicker)
3 tablespoons of icing sugar
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Cut up the cheese into small bits...
and put 'em in the mixing bowl.
Pour in a little of the whipping cream.
Now drape a dish towel over the mixer and the bowl because this bitch splatters when you start work'en it.
The "splatter stage" lasts about 15 seconds... then you're good... but without the dishtowel, you're looking at a few minutes of wiping the wall and changing your shirt...
Now add the icing sugar and vanilla and the rest of the whipping cream.
and Mix This big!! Like for about three minutes of solid mix mix mix mix...
It starts wet but gets thicker... believe me.

Pour this over the crust... actually there will be some scooping involved... ;)
And you'll see it get wet against the crust because it's (the crust) still warm...
This is a good thing... that wet zone becomes the glue between the fluff and the crust. :D
Get into it in the spreading and go for smooth flat top.

Pop it in the fridge and give it at least an hour to set.
Serve with any thing you want on it... cut up strawberries, blueberries, hell, you can pour kaluha over it... :D

Put a towel on the chair before you sit down to eat...