August 22nd, 2004


Sunday, August 22.

This is coffee... strong stuff... and warm on the face! :)

Yesterday was damn cold...
I got up early to hit the soccer field (in a chair and a blanket) while Geo did the tourney thing... Ed and Z joined me for game 3 and there Geo got his much desired "participants" medal...

[ :: and here's a picture of the team with their medals. :D :: ]

The last several days have been marked by a nagging headache... but no day was as bad as yesterday. It put me back in bed for a good part of the afternoon... grrr... too much advil. It was a back-of-the-head-into-my-shoulders kinda thing and it remained a constant struggle with giving me a crappy attitude all day!  It sorta left me for a bit at dinner... when I made some serious good chow... We had dramatically delicious bbq ribs and fresh corn-oh-cob
and ... french fries... :D

We watched BB last night... and watched the movie "A Civil Action"... very interesting movie... and mostly because of the "based on a true story" part.
Oh!!! and THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY was on last night... gasp... What a fabulous movie. The cinematog in that flick is phenomenal... of course, it's about six hundred hours long... but whatever. :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ blud jeans
~ gap shirt
~ denim shirt... 'cause it's still a bit chill...
~ to zoom to my BIL's house before they all leave on  a family vaca to pic up his recently deceased computer...
~ cut the lawns...
~ write about bb5
~ go to Eds soccer game...
~ that the Page Eating chick in the new digs has a grand evening pushing cheese and getting men to play together. :)  ar ar ar ... (come on... you like the "chick" part...)
~ for a new week to have a new plan for my friend ladyfire...
~ and that whatever ails my sword fight'en overlord'ette sixtyten ... leaves her poor tummy alone soon.
~ er... that raylenetaskoski gets that bed fixed... snicker.

Ok... so today is all about it being nice out and needing to get some chores done. Yesterdays headachy-ness kinda put all my chore like things on hold. :(
It's sunny and beautiful... but there are little puffs of white interruptions in that sunny day that threaten to make the days ending possibly less nice. We'll see.

I hope things are good where ever you are...

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me = looking for advice...

There's software out there somewhere that is used to take directories full of pictures and master a cd of photos with an interface to navigate them via thumbnails etc...

I recall an HP version of this... although I can't find that... and I assume there are others....

Anybody have some ideas for me?

As it stands I'm making cd's burned with straight as Data CD's via Nero with a directory full of image files but this doesn't do anything for my less-than-geeky-relatives - when I want to share vacation pictures etc...

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So today was "celebrate not having a headache" day... sorta.
Suz visited her mom while Geo and I went to the market...
(Edward played at the neighbours house).
Then Suz took Ed to soccer while I cooked up a feast! :D

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Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Table Shrink Day 

Where in...the official wind down episode passes. There’s only eight house mats left and the editors play seventh-inning-stretch hoping for drama to take up the slack. It's pay back night and you can see the simmering tension in the conversations playing out as everybody fosters big ass hates for each other. The hags lost their fag, so that leaves Opie to had out kissing advice. eak!

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