August 21st, 2004


(no subject)

Alright you primative screw heads...
Listen up!
This is my boom stick!

Shop S Mart...
Shop Smart!

Geezus... I'm dying here... man I like that movie.


almost time for bed...
It's CFS tomorrow, so I'll see you on sunday. :)

Geo has his end-of-summer soccer tourney tomorrow... game one at 9:00 am.
Dude, it's cold out... it's gonna be cold at nine.

His arm is getting loads better and he's really looking forward to it. :)

hmm... maybe a snack before bed...
do cashews give you nightmares?
nightmares can be fun.

Have you ever ever ever had a heavy duty nightmare?
You know that panic moment, occupying the first three heartbeats in time after you awake from a nightmare...
like you're on the verge of breathing in but you're frozen, in absolute terror.

And then it starts to dawn on you.
Wait a minute... I'm in my bed...

If, at that very moment, your six year old puts his face
directly in line with your face, inches away
and he speaks...

It can scare the ever loven eyeballs bleeding shit out of you.
I'm just say'en...

Ni ni...