August 20th, 2004


Friday, August 20.

This would be my "about to reveal his strong bad super suit" pose... gah... I'm such a git...

brrrr it was cool last night. Today is all about being sunny, but it's cooler than normal and you could tell just by looking at the little bundles squishing under the covers of our "family bed" as I snuck out to go to work. Even Edward, the one that seems to throw off covers at the first chance was bundled up beside suz. Again, let me say, I know one day soon their desire to sneak into our bed when they wake in the night will end. When that day comes it will be a mix of emotions with the pleasure of getting our privacy back... but clearly a sadness that such family snuggal-itious-ness has ended. :D

Ok... busy day needs to start so I gotta light out of here... but I'll see ya later. :D

~ red strippee ftls
~ blue jeans [ :: and in case there was any doubt... he's still a goof! :: ]
~ strong bad and a long sleeve. :)
~ several short meets at work to sort out web hosting issues for our "external" team web site
~ write about bb5 at lunch...
~ work out a meta tag thing for the web site
~ write a "preliminary questions" document for a new "backup strategy" project I'm starting on Monday.
~ to send all kinds of love and support to hotblue
~ for the mortgage gods to smile on rini and her main squeeze. :D
~ for the best of luck in his new career for allyn... the drummer boy. (snicker)
~ that a few extra spoons make their way to no1topaz
~ to extend some heart-time to ladyfire and her coworkers.
~ and then a whole bunch more warm heart moments to carefreespirit... I'm sorry for your families loss sugar.

Congratulations Tonya!!

tonya gave birth to an eight pound, eight ounce little boy yesterday morning. His name is Joshua Michael (sp?) and everybody is healthy and doing well.
I met Tonya on line here in Lj land about four years ago? Just a random thing... but she deserved a small compliment on something so I brought one to her... in the time that I have had the pleasure of her friendship she has fallen in love with and married Mike, they have found a house and made it a home and now they have brought a new and wonderful kind of joy to that home. I am truly blessed with good fortune to share in such happiness and my heart honestly bursts to know that all is well with Mommy and her little baby. Congratulations sweet tonya and um... try and get a little rest would ya. ? :D

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Hasbro Introduces the "Diane Ball".

Where-in... bouncy, flouncy, mouth open to accept all manner of objects, Diane bounces all over the house playing the danger game of “I’ll be on everybody’s alliance.” Adria continues to find it hard to see with her head up her ass… but it’s a such a great ass. :D Oh well… Did they have an “Attack of the Pod People” episode when I wasn’t looking?

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done... phew... made it through today ... and no animals were harmed.
well, I stubbed my toe.

Hey... did you know it's friday? I'm liking this two day work week thing.
Too bad it can't last.

where ever you are...
whatever you're doing...
smile... because somebody loves you.
smooosh! :D

jeez... can you tell I'm in a good mood? :D

see ya later skaters... :)
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