August 18th, 2004



Ok... dudes...
inventors of invisible band aide...
what exactly makes you think I wanna see your sick ugly, partially healed cuts?

What a great day... :)
Good weather, no work, just sorting pictures, playing around, watching tv and cleaning stuff...

Kind of a post vacation "mellow" thing...


ni ni...

Wednesday, August 18... (tonya baby day!!)

(a stretch... and a facial scrunch!)

Hola muchachos y muchachas... :)
it's a lovely day in my neighbourhood!!
and look... me without slippers.

somebody, somewhere, getting paid to be a meteorologist, said it was gonna storm last night.

~ pj pants
~ a white shirt...
~ a few crinkly bits in the very corners of my eyes...
~ rhymes with power... sounds like sour... and includes water!
~ finish the last bits of the vacation post ... 10 minutes after I post this... done!
~ write about AR5 and BB from last night...
~ enjoy a wednesday  :D
~ to just point out that nbbmom can do pretty well anything... why? because she rocks!
~ to send some good vibes to princessblondie... because she's earning them.
~ well... I was wishing for stephaniekaye bedhead pictures... but alas...
~ I could reach out and pinch sneetches... just because...
~ and to send some warm thoughts out to rose_queen

So I'm watching the Olympics this morning with Geo and Ed when I first woke up...
Canada versus Norway, womens Beach Volleyball.
Great looking women... skimpy, spandex two piece bathing suits
AND!!! a row of boobie girls in the background wearing the same peach coloured bikinis... no seriously,
Like they were cheerleaders or something.
The Olympics!! All Cheese, All The Time.
And to think... just a little while ago I listened while various athletes moaned about how little money Canada has for our Olympians as they train etc.

No seriously... beach volleyball, ping pong, synchronized diving (and don't even get me thinking about synchro swimming!) and then big monster team sports... basket ball, baseball...
Dudes... no wonder we can't afford to train the Olympians!

I say (again) ... if you can enjoy an activity with a smoke in one hand and beer waiting on the table, then it's NOT A SPORT worthy of the Olympics.

But then again... the IOC is so completely fucked in the head corrupt that I wouldn't be surprised to see them sort Olympic Toe Picking into the mix.

alright enough about that... :D
see ya.

PEI ... The Vacation Post

Corto Does Prince Edward Island

aka A Family Adventure, Oceans, and a Car

This is a day by day journal of our vacation with thumbnails and linked images.

Almost all of the thumbnails link to 320x240 pixel images (same size as my morning post images) that open in a new window.

Be sure to mouse-hover the thumbnails for descriptive comments on the images.
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Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Excuse me? But what the hell happened to Adria?

This should have been the episode where Adria brought her master plan into place to take over the house and capitalize on her secret alliances. In stark contrast, we have the nominee's out for her blood, no end in sight to Will's ability to be spiteful, and one big mad mutha black guy ... who maybe has had just about enough of Adria's booty for one summer. AND would somebody please tell me why Cowboy is still in this game?

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I think if I was actually interested in starting a business...
I'd open a starbucks in Cavendish Beach and load it up with computers and high speed net access.

Dudes... a decent cup of coffee in PEI is wicked hard to find.
(and - bad canadian here - I dislike TIMS coffee...)

Not a starbucks in sight on the whole island... as far as I can tell.


Boys in bath... time to go wash'em up and get them in bed.

A wonderful friend from highschool... second one to get married... second friend to get divorced... is getting married again and I got one of those gorgeous invites in the mail today. I haven't been to a wedding in years!! I'm kinda excited. :)

(pei post... generated 13,000 hits today... geezus...)

Amazing Race 5 Update!!

Amazing Race 5 Update!!

God's Promise huh...

It's all about...  Colin, the boy with the pouty face. Don't ya just wanna poke his eyes out? I swear he's looking a lot like Damien in Omen I these days.  What could be worse? Why his lovely date... the eyebrow girl from hell. And if you're paying any attention what so ever... you'll notice... They're both IDIOTS!

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