August 17th, 2004


Tuesday, August 17

Hola!!  oh man did I ever miss you guys! :D :D :D

We had a fabulous time!! I am well and truly impressed with the Prince Edward Island.
There were some "events" but I'll save those for the big ass vacation post (it's coming!). :D

I missed my bed... The cottage had a nice bed and we stayed in some fancy spancy hotels on the way home but there just aint no bed like ma bed!!

~ black ftls
~ blue p-z t-shirt
~ cream p-z kinda cargo things... I lost weight so they fit again! :)
~ to take the kids to dentist appointments in half an hour...
~ to keep on plugging through the vacation post...
~ Amazing Race and BB tonight... :D
~ that you'd tell me if I missed anything. :D
~ to send big squishy thank you's to my friends for their well-wishing and welcome-homes... !!!
~ for the best of health and baby making coodness to wrap around my friend tonya who's managed to hold off on that delivery until I got home.

~ and most of all, I wish and hope that today spins in a way that gives me time to catch up with some of you. :D

There are about 450 pictures to sort through and work into the "vacation journal" ... I hope to be done tonight. :D

This is from the lawn of the hotel in Fredericton, NB on our way home...

Here's a wee thought from last friday as I sat in my rented cottage watching cnn...

Friday, August 13...
Gay and American, man these guys are getting a bum rap... er...

The Governor... there will be a book, maybe a movie of the week.

The Mayor... stick to your guns man.

The Government... what century do you think this is?

The issue... should be a non-issue. How can they talk freedom and equality all over the world and be so darkly wrong in their own back yard?

The details? Details shmeetails... all the "well I agree with this and don't agree with that..." what a load! Get off the pot for goodness sakes and stop wasting tax payers money, ruining peoples lives, dividing the country and screwing around with semantics. People are people... how can you believe that everyone should be able to own a gun but not believe that people can love one another. Fuckers.
// ok done!

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ug... well I've done up to day three... :D

Loads more to go.

I'm off work today and tomorrow... weeeeee....
and it looks like I may be on a couple of busy contracts as soon as I get back.
That's good (btw).