August 3rd, 2004


Tuesday... August 3

Wakes up... and quietly goes about his morning.
The world is almost silent...
A quiet shaver...
Coffee maker noises....
A few keystroke clicks as a picture snaps
Car cup, lunch packed and reaching for keys.
Then a little dude whispers... "Dad..."
ah yes... days take on a whole new kind of wonderful
When they start with outrageous hugs and kisses from a child that loves you.

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ new comfy gray t
~ more process mapping with coworker dude that's just back from vacation
~ AMAZING RACE tonight (and BB5... sadly, I'm locked right into BB again... :D - go Adria!)
~ I hadn't let life get to me enough to slip backwards on the whole thumb thing... pick pick... (long story)... must redouble efforts.
~ that today brings some great news to kristylicious
~ for some good health news to come home to my long long time friend bair about her Tom...
~ for the strength of a thousand women to find their way to the heart and mind of my friend hotblue and may there be a place for you today. You can do this sugar and you have the very best reasons to make it. I'm thinking you will never see this note... but know that my heart is filled with hope for you.
~ to send some big love vibes out to my friend angry_amy. pull your shoulders back sweet n'angry. You're worth loving Amy.
~ for little lines to find their way into haela's life.
~ and I do wish there was some sugar to sprinkle on crushdmb... I hope this week plays out some better vibes mary...

My friend allyn wants to be farked in his journal. Go check his post [ :: here :: ] and, if you're into it... p-shop out on a picture of his head... :D (ok, so he's looking for hair ideas, but still... who can pass up an opportunity like this? ar ar ar ar...)

Note: I recall the Lj powers-that-be telling us to expect a flurry of old posts... but that was like three weeks ago... well they arrived. :)

Have a great day muchachos y muchachas...
You're alive...
You can choose how today goes for you.
Is it gonna suck while you despair or burn while you sizzle?
Or can I reach over and poke ya... maybe remind you...
maybe sneak a few words into your ear about what a
great treat it is to be able to share your world?
You are loved... and... things could sure be worse than that.

See ya.

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Mix102.9 Dallas radio... the station with 5 solild minutes of local advertising at a shot.
Why do I know this? because their live net feed blanks out those ads... so you get five minutes of ... dead air.
ah well... it's all worth it to hear amyaustin's voice every now and again...
(ok... well when they forget to turn the stream back on after the commercials are done...
it gets a little difficult to not load winamp back up. :D)


Ok... so while LJ is busy sending me posts from mid june...
It's not sending me any of the comments received today.
Bad LJ.


There is a biblical volume of rain falling outside.


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:::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::

The face of a very tire boy.

Today came and went.
A few good conversations later...
and next thing you know... it's time to go home!

It's a spaghetti night. :D

~ people that incessantly tap or roll their digits on their desk...
are exactly the reason why I have headphones at work.

~ random thing... but now that I've been using my hotmail account for basically nothing for a couple of months... it's finally stopped getting 50 spam messages a day.

Ok... time to go home. See ya tonight. :D
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