August 2nd, 2004


Monday? Sez who? Feels like Sunday all over again! August 2

Holla... :D
As I type... I can hear Edward doing what I can only describe as rapp'en from the front hall as Suz puts sun block on him.  He's making up marginally rhyming couplets and stamping them out with a kind of pattern... "i will be, totally free... with out shaken ... you bin haten..." Although it only runs a few stanza's before he say's Poop... and then it all becomes something that includes bum and poop enough to get mom or dad to say "Edward...!!" then it's back to some kind of Opera.

Contrast this to - totally out of the blue - during dinner last night... Geo suddenly makes himself small at the table and looks up with pursed lips and a scrunch face to say "it's a little bit funny... this feeling inside...." imitating the Duke on Moulin Rouge... achieving a rather remarkable version of Richard Roxburgh for an eight year old.

Seems to be all about the music around here lately. :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue shorts...
~ old maroon GAP shirt... thank little sweat shop workers...
~ to go outside and cut the lawns... front, sides, and back... then - the good part - get the whipper snipper out! (I pretend it's a flame thrower...)
~ post the big honking "Club August" post that's been chewing away at available time... :D
~ that things stay in control for my long time friend wbahner... bridges that burn... stop everybody brother.
~ to let a few friends that wanted to know... know that our dear friend ly is well... she's just moving on and past lj for a while. It's all good.
~ I could make sense out of the "plethora" of pentium chips and compatible mother boards out there... I want to ID a decent MB with good 1394 support and a 3.x ghz processor... but I mean... there's a BILLION combinations out there... sheesh. (Oh, and honey, this is just me dreaming... I'm not about to start buying new parts... promise... :D :D)
~ that mrs angryvixen gets better fast... :(
~ to say that my friend angry_amy is in my thoughts and I hope things spin into control!! 
~ and BIG CONGRATULATIONS out to _sickchick ... she got married yesterday!! :D

Yeah... holiday days are basically work-like-mad days... and it's looking a wee bit like rain out there....
So I gotta git... I'll be back in a bit. :D

Club August

Happy Birthday August...

This is a membership list in Club August.
aka friends celebrating  birthdays this month.

Happy Birthday you guys... Thanks for sharing. :D
People play in different ways... and you guys are a part of what it is that defines my play time. I "play" by reading about your lives, loves, interests and experiences... Life has been very kind to let me have such great opportunities.  So... really... thanks for sharing.

(and I know... it's long but Birthday Wishes don't go behind cuts yo!)

1 - chelebell; I hope things with the house work out and that you have a glorious year of sorting yourselves in.

1 - pixiecup; May you find yourself rewarded this year for the wonderful accomplishments of this last year.  And may you have the freedom to enjoy those rewards.

1 - reens; Have a wonderful year discovering the depths of love you'll find with wee daniel... whos probably not so wee any more!

1 - sb186; May you have all the opportunity life can afford to keep taking pictures and exercising your talent for looking.

1 - tracygail; I hope you, lindsey and all that are dear to you... enjoy a year of health and happiness.

3 - balljar; Another great eye for the shutter... May your year bring you much success and happiness.

3 - jethro; Hey... a guy with a great sense of humor, who still manages to know what’s important.  I hope you always know where your towel is dude.

4 - designergirl; so distant...  living in the land of oz... Have a wonderful year Sarah, and enjoy christmas in summertime. :D

4 - hnoss; Happy Birthday Sugar-Noss. May you have a wonderful year ahead and find every possible opportunity to shake life up and bring smiles to your world.  (and watch out for the pyrex!!)

4 - katie8471; I hope this is a year of new found peace... in small moments for you in your very busy world.

4 - turrelle; hehe... Hi sugar-T... we’re kinda new friends but you’ve won me over! I hope you have a great year and enjoy every moment of your search for the things that make you happy.

5 - ossie; May you never run out of sand or batteries for your digital camera.

6 - princessblondie; All of your dreams are busy coming true!! May you have a wonderful year enjoying the fuits of this life. Congratulations sugar.

8 - meekorouse; I hope you find the reasons you need to smile and stay happy sugar-smee... (and I hope the job thing sorts itself out this year!!)

9 - adman; Happy Birthday Dave... and I hope you stay just as happy as you are and that you don’t run out of ways to express it.

9 - crushdmb; I hope this is a year of rediscovery for you... finding what you need, and reaching for what you want.

9 - mage67; You’re a thinker bro, and that’s a great and rewarding thing.  I hope you have a great year ahead.

9 - snwbrdette; Oyi... well this will be a busy year sugar... I wish for you the very best of health for everyone involved in this upcoming busy year.

10 - bratt72; Thank you sugar-b. You're a great source of inspiration for taking the world with a bigger grain of salt.  :D

10 - kaar; So very distant... but remarkably... not so different. I hope life spins you some great adventure this year. 

11 - joei; May this year bring you ever closer to the recoveries you have earned from this life.  I hope you are able to smile... and feel the love that is in the world for you sugar.

11 - nebil; aka... a girl looking up. :D  Have a wonderful year sugar-neb...

12 - jamesbaxter; May your dedication reward you dear james... your heart is in the right place!

13 - darkbay; Have a grand year Heidi. (the only Heidi I know...)

15 - easilydistractd; Keep smiling sugar... you’ve a great big wonderful heart and I hope this next year keeps giving you reasons to think, write and love.

16 - keefriffards; I hope the world spins for you ... just they way you want it. You strike me as a remarkable and good soul.

16 - ladytess; My birthday wish for you is really simple... that you stay healthy, happy and can hold on to a love that fulfills you.

16 - ldygwynedd; May the year ahead bring you the fruits from the family ties you have built over this last year.  Dear Jean... may happiness hold you.

17 - theryn; May your year bring you closer to your love, and further from struggle. You and that man of yours have given me many smiles....

18 - babykanine; !!! We've yet to see if you make this date... but you are going to be one seriously loved little baby when you get here. Welcome.

18 - mysticchyna; I hope this year affords you great opportunity to express yourself.

18 - suprafixx; I know you’re no where in sight... so where ever you are... I hope your living a good life and looking forward to a great year.

20 - nonickyet; another girl who’s off living her life. May you be enjoying your world, safe and wrapped up in love.

21 - compwizrd; May you find rewards appropriate to your effort... you're a good man Mike and you deserve great things.

22 - petermarcus; I hope the examples I have found in you continue to carry you forward. It is my great fortune to know you in the small way I can through Lj.

22 - sunshowers08; Thank you for being so sweet sugar-D. I hope you have a wonderful year.

23 - glossgirl; rarely here but always appreciated... Have a wonderful year sugar-gloss.

25 - lilcoffeebean; Well, it’s been a while since you’ve been around, but where ever you are... I hope you’re very creative and perceptive eye is enjoying a world of fun. Have a great year mz. Bean.

26 - bondas; My favourite bon-bon... Yours seems to be a life that is begining. I hope this is a great year for you Bonnie.

26 - lizvang; I hope grand emotions find you ready to welcome them into your heart this year Liz...

26 - queenveets; May your year bring you closer to realizing the dreams you hope for quietly and I hope your wonderful spirit and heart are well rewarded.

27 - horsepucky; Nothing but great vibes come from you... I hope they pay you back in kind and with great achievement.

28 - wrapper; Clearly a man deserving a better year ahead... may your world spin a little a calmer and I hope personal happiness wraps you up my friend.

29 - channen; nowhere to be seen... but hopefully enjoying ever moment and I do hope, looking forward to the year ahead.

29 - roaring_woman; I sincerily hope you suffer no failing health and can find the strength to live a wonderful year super-mom. (psst. your superhero cape is showing!)

29 - vespertine_x; May you make good choices and be satisfied with the things life puts in your path.  You're a good girl Meggs...

30 - cherdoo; Completely absent!!  :D Ah well... I hope your having fun sugar-cher... May the year ahead bring you much happiness.

30 - lilspot82;  I hope there is peace in your world lil’sugar and that you have a year of good health for you and your little family ahead. 

30 - tiffanyrose29;  ah yes... an infrequent flier on Lj Airlines...  :D Have a great year sugar-tiff and I hope your family is happy and healthy.

31 - lesslyn; My little liquid girl... have a wonderful birthday and a great year.

phew... that's a lot of birthdays in one month... sheesh. :D

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possible FOP* night coming up...

~ day in ... day out... all summer long...
I mean... 7 days a week... while camping...
on holidays...
staying over at grandmas...
kumon homework follows him.
He's into more complicated subtractions...
and I'm seeing him do things quickly ... in his head... that, when school let out for the summer, had him either stymied... or scurrying for paper. 
Kumon = good.

FOP: flurry of posts