August 1st, 2004


Sunday sunday... August 1.

Yesterday was a long long long day... :)
Loads of shopping... got a new 'soft side' cooler for packing up "car food" for our Journey*. 
Oh, and I bought a splitter... an actual "iPod" earphone splitter... because it's actually a decent piece of geek.
Why do I need a splitter? well, to divide up the sound coming from a lap top playing dvd's ... on the journey. ! :D

My folks were all about watching the kids for us last night, so I dropped them off and we went to the movies!!
We saw I ROBOT... it was like a poor mans version of Blade Runner in the philosophy, and filled to the tits with groovy special affects and dude, the robots were outstanding.  That being said, it was only a so so movie but that's just being picky. :D I really had fun watching it so I'm not complaining.

Now Big Brother was a blast last night... I was freaking cheering when the two smack monkeys were nominated!! :D

~ green ftls
~ pj pants
~ and a sleepy t shirt...
~ to complete the clearly challenging task of waking all the way up.
~ showers... clothes... stuff like that... :)
~ to go pick up a Roland piano over at my dad's house... piano lessons start this fall for Geo... 'music' runs deeply in the veins of my family, although it never really boiled up in me... so we figured it's worth a little look see with Geo and Ed, each in their time... each in their way... Geo seems to like the idea of a piano... so we'll see. :D
~ buying some "water shoes" and some kite parts...
~ tonight? Well... I wish I was looking forward to a new Alias. It's been forever!!!! (I want more Alias!) :)
~ ah, yes... it's August... I have to work on the Club August birthday post... :)
~ to send you off to a spoof commercial done featuring Will Farrel... aka... Bushie. :D (hahaha... and thanks tj642)
~ that the things that matter the most to nbbmom... find their way into her world.
~ to do a little dance... high fives or sum'thin... for radio free nikki...
~ to point out that dw_photoprojekt has some good shit going on at his photo web ... [ :: here :: ]
~ ok... and when scrolling back 210 posts takes me to like... yesteday lunch... I kinda cave in and stop.

I got a head ache to shake... and a day filled with busy. 
Big puffy white clouds and making a hundred islands in a deep blue sea.
It's a lovely day...

See ya.

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(Headache battle is sloooowly being won.)

You gotta try this...
I guarantee you an "oh my god" moment.

You can legally observe the air traffic control data for most major airports in the US.

Go to ... you can read all over the page if you want, but get down to business by looking in the lower right side and clicking;
"Airport Monitor - Demo it now!"

The page you go to will list several airports.

Lower in the middle column will be JFK... PICK THAT.

Then change the current date in the applet that opens up to July 31, 2004. AND then click 5x speed.
So far so good... you're going to see loads of blue (arriving) and green (departing) aircrafts.

Now... click to expand the view to 40 miles.

Dude... that is a fucking shit load of aircrafts.... and this is REAL DATA.

The "current view" is REAL TIME DATA... I mean... WOW!

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so you're in the grocery store looking at meat...

You buy a couple of things called "Cross Rib Pot Roasts". 
About 1.2 kg's each.  (that's like 2.5 lbs or so).
They're stupid inexpensive and fit nicely in your FREEZER.

Ok... so next sunday you want a nice dinner for the family but would rather not work too damn hard at it...

Here's what you do...

SOLID LIKE A ROCK frozen cross rib roast out of freezer at 2:00
Big piece of tin foil on counter.
Unwrap the roast... chip off the freaking styrophome thing thats stuck to the bottom... lol)
and put it on the tin foil.
Dump a package of dry onion soup mix on it.
Wrap carefully so you don't tear the tin foil
but wrap it well... fold the edges so it's closed.

In the over, on a rack over a pan, at like 400 for 3 hours!!!
(if you get a hole in the tinfoil, the moisture leaks out and the roast turns out bummer dry... so ... don't get a hole)


I mean, make potatoes, maybe some carrots...
and if you're enterprising, the drippings that fill the tin foil make a great gravy... just thicken it up a bit with some cold water and flour (teaspoon) mixed in.
Do that by putting the drippings in a fry pan and pouring in the water/flour bit and mix like mad while heating it up.

and yeah, that's what for dinner. :D

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george: EDWARD!!! Stop crying...
george: Ok... now you're just doing it to annoy me...
george: STOP IT...
george: ahh OWE...
george: DAAAAAD!
george: Stop ED.
george: ED....
george: NO I MEAN IT...

ah yes... Sunday nights...
happiness central.

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Button Button,Who's Got The Button

Where in... cowboys cry, white girls dance, and a couple of seriously burned boys have a great big X painted on their heads. It's nomination night and there's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Reggy Hammond... er... sorry, wrong movie.  No, her name is ... well, wait, read the update... then all will become clear. :D

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