July 29th, 2004


Thursday, July 29...

Hiya... :D
I woke up in my own personal part of heaven today... sunlight... kids... suz... all drinking in their dreams, snuggled together on our massive bed. :D
Geo woke up and headed downstairs to make coffee for me and I had a shower.
It was only moments later that I realized I was gonna be punished for being so happy. :*( My pooo tummy is absolutely pissed at me for some reason. It's a gurgling away and feels absolutely... um... off!

Ah well... I'll attack it with several cups of strong coffee and then jump around saying "take that bastach!"

It's going up to "hot" today... and there's nothing but sun in the forecast. This according to the weather man and environment Canada. So, I put my umbrella in the car and I'm expecting tornadoes.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk gray, tending towards a blue tone, dress pants
~ comfy new gray T shirt... kind of fancy spancy for a "t shirt" with details in the fabric and stuff... I like this shirt.:D
~ to swallow the barrel of a 44 ... er... ok, not... but something just a fun... more process mapping. weeeeee
~ to be jealous of Suz and the Boys. They've gone to Upper Canada Village for the day with our neighbour and her kids. (it's a "pioneer village"... and they will all be totally used up when they get back...)
~ to watch Big Brother tonight with bated breath... and I so seriously hope Adria stays!!
~ to point out that fallingforward is easily one of top people in my world of net friendships that I would love like mad to meet.
~ I could apply to be on Amazing Race with Z... (canadians... can't) ... man that would rock.
~ I was sickeningly wealthy... then I'd rent a big ass cruise ship and send around tickets and have a "everyone on my friends list and families" cruise party.
~ to share the notion that keefriffards is ... well, he's a great guy.
~ that the stars move about enough to lend some winning support to my friend katie8471. You guys are in my thoughts sugar.
~ for a wee bit of better fortune to fall all over kimberly27616 and her mains squeeze nortacon!!

//rant on.
Doctors Without Borders... decides that, after having five of their number murdered in cold blood, and what with the Taliban denouncing them as pawns of America, officially calling them fair targets in Afghanistan... have decided to pack it up after 25 years in that part of the world and go home. BRA-FUCKING-VO.
Dear REST OF THE PLANET; take a fucking hint.
It's the absolute sphincter of the world... why does everybody think the people there need to be rescued from themselves?
Sure... women and children suffer at the insane hands of their Taliban masters... but dude? people suffer here in Canada and in the US too... people suffer all over the world. Why is it our problem and what the hell makes us think we're actually making any sort of a lasting difference?

Ok, do you believe that the United States went to war in Iraq because of the imminent threat of weapons of mass destruction?
or do you believe that they capitalized on the situation to take Desert Storm to places it never got to take it before and exact a new kind of control over global resources?
Oh wait... maybe you think that the US was in Iraq because Sadam and his loony toons sons were torturing Iraqi citizens... and because people were suffering there... dude... people are suffering far worse conditions of oppression and abuse in several African nations, let alone in pan asian countries but they ... um... don't sit on top of vast pools of oil.
ok ok ok... fine. Big arguments there... but my point is this...
If the money the US has spent on Iraq had been, instead, directed to the development of renewable energy sources we would probably be dumping our trash into a Marty McFly style Mr. Cold Fusion by now...
OH WAIT... I forgot about Haliburton and all those transnational corporations that exist because the oil industry fuels their farts.

Why am I talking about this? I'll tell you...
When I have to drive to work surrounded by god awful TANKS (read: cars the size of row houses) you gotta know the people running the global conflict industry and dancing in their boardrooms and laughing their moronic asses off.
I am so sick of SUVs I could just puke.
(or is that just my "off" tummy?)

/// phew... that felt good.
(all done)
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deep thoughts

girls imagine how things will be
and exhibit cliche attitudes
when the actions of their boy
threaten the integrity of that

boys imagine they know how things are
and exhibit cliche attitudes
when the actions of their girl
call his assumptions into question.

dogs, on the other hand
are quite happy to sleep, eat,
shit and lick their ass.