July 28th, 2004


Wednesday, July 28


ack... 8:15 is not when I am supposed to be waking up! :D
It finally rained... now the world is even cooler and, of course, all wet.

I keep typing out this thing and then erasing it... trying to explain (maybe to myself) what I'm feeling
and I keep getting caught up in the why of it ... and that's where it breaks down and I highlite the lot and press delete.

Things are good in the world of me... good versus bad is not the issue...
I'm just "feeling" things strongly... it's like I'm simmering some sort of rich sauce inside...
but I just don't know what it's supposed to go on.
... and stop that... "mind in gutter" is my job.
See... here's where I delete. gah... whatever.

~ red stripee ftls
~ black jeans
~ red p-z golf shirt
~ big warm black "pink elephant" sweat shirt... (pink elephant is a company... not just a state of mind)
~ more of the same ... mapping processes... and wondering how the hell I'm going to finish this.
~ use up my lunch hour writing about TAR... :D
~ tonight? well I'm supposed to go to a previous-company get together with old co-workers... but I dunno anymore...
~ I'd rather drop the kids at my SIL's after soccer and go to the movies and see I ROBOT with Z... hmmm... I wonder...
~ that today brings better moments for my sweet friend rose_queen
~ to send a few good vibes to an always interesting young man... take care ickzer1
~ that I maybe better understood the situation, but for now... what I have is...
~ wishes for gigglecam because she's always been worth my time and care
~ and wishes for webdiva for all kinds of the same reasons.
~ to send some love and some friendship vibes out to flirtini ... just because.

The radio talked about the monsoons and the water problems in southern India and Bangladesh ...
thousands of people dead from the floods, poisonous water snakes, water born diseases, building collapses...
millions of people cut off from assistance or homeless.
... and I was worried about my car needing a wash.
Kinda makes you try to put things in perspective.
And then you fail.
Because we live in paradise...
compared to pretty well a majority of the people on this world.

Yuppers... it's another day and I will make the most of it.
What about you?
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(no subject)

Stabilo Boss - Everybody
Cold Play - Yellow
Simone Wilcox - Mommies and Daddies
Joss Stone - The Choken' Kind

Four songs that are my songs of the moment.

Every one of them puts me in a calm place,
banishing any rain or wind that threatens to darken
the places within me that light my way.

But I'm pretty fickle... so I'll have moved on in a while. :D

The Amazing Race 5 Update!!

Amazing Race 5

Put That Damn Thing In Your Mouth

Start yer engines... because it’s race-to-russia time and while the Hoe and her midget may be having trouble getting there, there’s no trouble like the trouble of a high maintenance woman trying to shove a vat of caviar down her pie hole. We have chicks in Salt Shock, Charla in Goalie pads and Colin about to hack Mirna’s head from her skanky little shoulders.

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(no subject)

ok... way ... WAY too tired this afternoon. I really need a good nights sleep under my belt...
maybe tonight?

Time to wrap it up and call it a day.
I'm off to drop in on a reunion thing with some old co-workers but will be heading home in time to snack and go to geo's soccer game.

Suz (I think) took the boys to a movie this afternoon... so I doubt I'll get to go to the movies tonight. :(

Sooooooon... I need big big screen goodness.

oh, and "new geek toy" alert (thanks Vaun!!)
Go here... http://www.elumens.com/ and check out the "Vision Station" in their products section... way cool.

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Drew You Wretched Pussy

Wherein... I drop all pretence at objectivity. If ever there were a bunch of wankers more in need of a sound drubbing with a great big rubber mallet, it's The Four Horse Shoes.  This episode features Scott snickering in the back of class when he should be learning how to spell cheese or learn the meaning of the word "confide". Jase, not one to waste time on anything as complicated as making up his mind, continues to try and brow beat the Head Boy. The Head Boy cries, and the two obvious camps in the Big Brother house all but come to blows ... and when you break it all down... it's all because of Holly Goes Lightly.  She has no clue what storms swirl around her, but that's only because she lives in the vacuum of that storms eye.

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