July 26th, 2004


Monday monday... can't trust that day... July 26

Nothing but sun baybeee... man it's a nice day.
No kids camp this week, so once again, I wake up and sneak around trying to leave everyone as they are...
wee sleeping nuggets with the lines of dreams creasing little foreheads
and sunlight sneaking in between the blinds making hot spots on the beds.

I'm in a good place. I don't know how clear I can make that... but I'm a happy guy with a good vibe crawling around inside.
K'mere... touch me... I'm electric. :D

So I see Continental Features slipped on something, tumbled a bit and ended up with their head stuck in their bum.
It's a sad day when the agents of the Republican Party resort censuring comic strips to protect the last shreds of moral integrity propping up their political agenda.
I mean, you know... Trudeau's Doonsebury is a real threat to the fabric of American's republican democracy.

~ blue fts.
~ dk green dress pants
~ new beige shirt... very comfy. :D
~ to leave at lunch, go home, and stain the deck... (They - the meteorogical idiots) are calling for rain tomorrow, so the deck stuff... has to happen today.
~ sort out the next two weeks worth of deliverables at work
~ try to get a handle on this "mapping product to processes" gig with Marval and BS15000
~ to send a little peace, love and understanding to carefreespirit and to wish
~ her great strength... in all things... but one thing in particular.
~ that my friend... the rose... rose_queen... gets some relief ... soon.
~ early wishes for this coming Saturday... the day _sickchick gets all hitched up... :D
~ a little "phew you made it six months" congrats out to ectv as her little baby approaches the half year mark.

Take responsibility for your actions and influence.
Stop hiding behind old rules, and older fools.
Just because you rubberize your world by wrapping things in religious dogma,
That's no reason to think you've got yerself a no-skid soul.

Have a glorious day...
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Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Steak... The other Red Meat

Where-in... we have to watch the pretty people being... well pretty but remarkably dumb. Lies get ready to bite the liars and Adria works her magic. They struggle for food, and despite Scotts useless mind, they manage to get some grub. Now it’s all about nominating people and poor little Drew is being set upon by the non-stop-voices of his bandana wearing manipulators.

Collapse )

at last...

And we're done!

The process can been seen (of course) in an animated gif;
[ :: 575k Animated gif :: ]
[ :: 250k Animated gif :: ]

What was only recently looking basically like...

Now looks like...

(It needs to finish drying... and I expect that the "tint" will even out.)

[ :: here is the link to the post about sanding the deck :: ]

Here are a couple of nice pics of the friggen posts,
(arggg... get to every square inch of your deck... paint it.)
[ :: The front rail before... :: ]
[ :: The front rail after!! :: ]

We got about 85 % done before we were certain we were going to run out of stain so we had to hightail it to the store... a specific store... to get the specific stain... (d'uh). So we finished up after dinner. An afternoon well spent!