July 23rd, 2004


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k.. so after setting the VCR (BB from 8 - 9)...
after dinner...
after Geo's soccer practise...
after making coffee...
It's off to Wally Land to get stuff from a list for Suz, a watch strap ...
and some new shirts.
I'm puttering around forever in the zone diggen through summer stock and trying shit on left and right...
And I get my basket of goodies.
Off I go to pay... 
Money? nope... left it in the car.
Ok... go get it.
Come back... get my stuff and get in line...
:::::: total darkness ::::::

And the the generators keep the cash regies going for 30 mins...
So I get through. :D
Then when I'm in the press of Just-Left-The-Cinema traffic...
Blink.... power comes back on... the shopping zone bursts awake.
So it's off to starbucks for a bag of coffee.
Dude wasn't sure if my transaction when through
(CC - didn't have my bank card on me)
So he said "just take it, and if it didn't go through... lucky you."

Then I look at my watch.
And I ask myself... when did the power go off?

Home... and miracle of miracles... power went out at 8:59.

So we watch BB... and at 8:55, the Satellite goes out for exactly
the length of time it takes to run the HoH competition on BB.

lol... good thing I'm not trying to make a living in a casino yo. :D

Frigg'en Friday... finally. Alliteration brought to you by July 23rd. :D

This is Edward... the normally very shy, stand-offish one with the computer camera... but he was into it today for some reason. :D

Today is the last day of the summer camp program we enrolled the boys in... they've had such a great time. (** beams **)
Next up ... our killa road trip to P.E.I. in August...

It's officially Brrrrrr out there. An actual chilly morning. What a treat on the heals of day after day of muggy ickishness.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans.. [ :: and yes, the silliness never ends :: ]
~ new white t ... kinda has these white on white vertical lines in the fabric... nice.
~ new b.u.m. dk blue button up shirt...
~ and best of all... these new sox that are making my feet ecstatic.
~ package up a web site update (office stuff)
~ continue a product eval and mapping process inputs / outputs - raw excitement... lemmi tell ya.
~ that poor satchel doesn't have to find out what happens when you disrespect the fork. :D :D
~ to do a little happy dance ... because it looks like mix (Dallas Radio, featuring amyaustin ... the traffic bunny... will soon be streaming again!!
~ that my SA friend, nola gets a little modem action soon....
~ to send a few smoochy good vibes out to my friend mysticchyna...
~ ... with all of my heart... that I could do something to help out my very sweet friend alma_perdida... squish!
~ and that my San diego (I stand corrected Kelly) friend... (forever, btw) miss Chris... the Giggle gigglecam keeps that lurching, hunkering, massive beast Bling from ripping apart poor Officers when they're just doing their jobs! hahahahaa... geez.

Thanks to a little comment from phej... I'm digging the prospect of a new show this fall called "Lost"... from the people that brought us Alias...
(check the show link [ :: here :: ]

Oh, and the rain that is pending can please bite my bony white ass cheeks. I need dry weather. I am fixen to sand my deck and treat it this weekend. Rain does not factor into this plan. grrr. :D

So no ranty moment today... but then again... the day has just begun.
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ok... strange day. fortunately ... it's over.

Time to go home... and see what's a'cook'en there. Oh, and the sun came out.

Of course, they called for rain.

Now it looks like I'll be sanding the deck all weekend. :D


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geek question:

My pc 4 out of 5 reboots (hard and soft) freezes just before the BEEP at the end of the post.

It's a MSI KT4V main board, AMD Barton 2500 processor.

When it freezes... I just push the button again... once, two... bingo it BEEPs and we're off to the races... with problem free operation.

Any ideas?

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Embrace the pop culture.
To drive it from their warped minds.

... and when your kids get into some really dramatically dorky fashion thing,
like the pants pulled halfway down the ass, with boxers, and I dunno, put on backwards....
You're like... "wow... wicked cool..." and dive right in.
Refuse to not wear everything like that whenever your with your kids, especially around their friends.
Guaranteed results.

Big Brother Update!!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Get A Clue Drew

Well, Julie's up to speed with the whole "mess with their heads" thing, but she's still dressing like a throw pillow. Lovely ruffles Jewels. Lets look inside the Big Brother house and wait, somebody cut me a line! hurry!   It's eviction night and the 4H club smells blood. Marvin is having his 15 minutes, and you'll never guess who the fag is!

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