July 22nd, 2004


Thursday, July 22

That's ma grrrrrr face... can ya hear me? Just for fun mind you... nothings wrong... but if steph can do it... :D

It's another gorgeous day... although the weather man said it was going to be lovely... so I brought my rain coat, and I expect a monsoon.
I have all these "phone posts" that people on my friends list have made over the last what? six months... saved on my computer and peppered throughout my monster music play list in winamp. So every now and then I get a break from the music and listen to one of you ramble on about something... Amy just finished talking about buying a hot chocolate for some lady at work the day the power went out... and DeeDee (dinkydoo) just shouted "I got the job"... hahahaha.. I love this stuff...

Hey... thedreamingtree... you are a treasure. Thank you sugar. (she's been sending me some music) :D :D

~ black ftls
~ beige dockers...
~ very dark green... basically black, but not jet.. (oh god... killme) button up shirt...
~ I've just been handed three weeks of solid hard core work... all of it internal (hence not billable) and I leave for vacation in two weeks. hmmm...
~ something to write up at lunch... we'll see if there's time.
~ Big Brother tonight... I hope Lori goes... and Karen stays... actually what I really hope is a 10 ton weight drops on Scott but that's another story.
~ that my friend dpaul007 manages to find a suitable fill-in for the treasured friend recently recalled... and dude... it needs (or the new one needs) a name!! (and don't pick Lucy... that was taken).
~ and big props and massive hopes for success out to monkey!!!!!!
~ to point out that I really think mrssuperbad is a great girl...
~ that my magic tree house girl... er...morganofthefay... has a good day with little Izzy.
~ and big wishes for a good interview today out to webdiva... :D

Here we go...

Israel eh...
Clarity... not easily found. But someone asked what my position was on Israel as per my rant like entry yesterday morning.
Here's how I see it.

There has been conflict with the people in the regions of ancient Palestine for freaking ever... and it's not about to stop, regardless of walls, united nations sanctions or US support. The Palestinians are essentially being sore losers but that's taking a very long historical perspective and that's kinda like punishing the child for the sins of his great great grandfather.

I realize that the people who became the Israeli jews (originally Palestinians themselves) were pushed away by the rest of the Palestinians and they went on to build a city, irrigate it, make it beautiful and then had to deal with the same people that pushed them away coming in and saying "wow... nice city... I want it... get out". So there's a great big historical Fuck You in line for that one.

That, however accurate the emotion is, does not make it ok to blow up buses today... several hundred years later.
By the same token, Israel is being run by freaking zealots and half wits and has been for a long long time. They have a valid historical bitch to grind with the Palestinians... but dude... that's history. When do you let that go and move on?
Building that wall is dumb as shit and nobody is going to convince me of otherwise.
Oh, wait... here's an idea... If Israel can build a wall around themselves (even though they actually built the wall through Palestinian communities cutting families in half... idiots) to keep the infidels out... why don't the Palestinians set up their own military to keep the Israelis inside the wall.

They can all dress up like Gandalf and stand facing each other screaming "You Shall Not Pass".

I'm sorry... but the whole concept of the Israeli problem is as dumb as the Irish "troubles". They are ... all of them... either ignorant hoods looking for a fight or pathetic zealots so lost in their piety that they can't see the flesh of the babies that are burning before their eyes. You can tell me "they are real people... " all you want... but if every last one of them vanished from the planet today I would not be phased for one split second. I do not care about any of the poeple in Israel or Palestine. They have demonstrated their lack of respect for human life over and over... and they will not change. I do care about the welfare of the people in the house down the street from where I live who are having some health problems and need some support... I do care about the green space in my community that needs protection from land developers... I care about land fills that are overflowing on the outskirts of our city... I care about the state of health care and child care and education and taxation ... in Canada. Really ... I need to spend time having a position on the Israeli situation like I need to shove pins in my nose.

Call me Isolationist if you want... but I fucking dare you to come up with a good reason why I should care about any of the people in that part of the world beyond the esoteric concept of caring about human life... and be ready to explain why I have to do that when they obviously do not.

/// hate me now?
I gotta make tomorrow a little more sugary huh... :D
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Big Brother Update!!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

It’s just Strategical. (bwahahaha)

Where-in... we catch up with the house-mats. It’s been a few weeks now and, as expected, they’re all turning into complete idiots. None, mind you, more-so than Captain Fantastic and his little stetson wearing Jack Russell Terrier. "Hey Spike, what we gonna do today? Eh Spike? Eh Spike" They finally used a veto but, alas, it’s all about the freakazoid bandana wearing dork-muffins and their evil plot to rule the universe... or at lease shave it’s chest and flex a bunch. No really, three weeks in and the tears flow freely and hate overtakes the love baybee. It’s a telling moment when you find yourself thinking that it’s a good thing Nicomas is there to keep things normal.

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