July 21st, 2004


Wednesday... July 21.

Ok... so I'm just say'en... what the heck is the deal with Tony The Tiger and Frosted Flakes. The box has "1/3 less sugar" emblazoned across the front like it's a good thing. Dudes... there's a term for that kind of thing... it's called Corn Flakes.

It's all sunny and beautiful outside... so of course, the weather man is saying it's gonna storm. Just you wait. Weather Dip will be all over "It's a gorgeous day out there folks" on the day twelve citizens get fried by lightening strikes.

You know... the trick to sleeping like the dead every night... is to stay up till 2:00 and then get up at 7:00 and have a very active day in between. No really... works like a charm. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bonk. ouch.

~ gray ftls
~ black kinda cargo... kinda khaki
~ groove station shirt... that I FINALLY sewed a button onto this morning. It's only been ... er... 9 months since the button fell off...
~ something called a "red team review". This involves reading a 100 page RFP then reading an 11 billion page response to said RFP and critically appraising whether or not all the required elements have been met. So I'll be here at my desk, with my bleeding eyeballs hanging out of their sockets trying to get this done ... by... noon. Kill me.
~ write about TAR at lunch... :D
~ tonight? no idea... nothing. oh wait... Geo has soccer tonight. :D
~ I had taken evelyn woods sped red'en course... :)
~ that lil'miss macdatty manages to rescue her feet from their torturous environment.
~ to send GIANT CONGRATULATIONS to knightsdawn who has just joined team time bomb ... well, his darl'en wife dream_reality is actually the one with the baby make'en machinery in high gear but he's my bud... and he's all tap dancing happy... so ... word! :D
~ that amyaustin would just hurry up and get a gig as a dj... see'en as she's the queen bee of segues. And AND... she just showed me how to spell segue. :D
~ and may old men digging in file cabinets not get all psycho on my ladyfire sugar...

//rant o rama.

Ok.. so the radio is talking and it's using the voice of some punk from a think tank somewhere and he's talking about IRAN.
Understand... I am not trying to make like I know shit about this topic but when they talk... all I can think is "what a load".
IRAN has moved 3000 immigrants into IRAQ to destabilize the geo political system there...
IRAN provides support to international terrorism and has links to Al Queda
IRAN will have the capacity to develop a nuclear weapon by 2007

Geezus guys...
First of all... America has hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq ... and lemmi tell ya... they're doing more to mess with the geo political system there than 3000 nomads that live on the tenuous desert border between Iran and Iraq.
And the "link to Al Guido" ... gee where have I heard that before. How about the notion that IRAN is supporting the Shia politics in Iraq and helping the US agenda of building a democratic process.
But forget about all that... and remember only that IRAN is freaking huge. Imagine how long you'll be looking for the WMD's after they "hide" them when the invasion starts.

And because I'm having so much fun with this...
The united nations makes a non-binding (whatever the hell that actually means) "observation" that the big ass Jew Wall in Israel is a bad thing... and in fact is counter to international law. This is useless, of course, because it's a "non binding" observation only. Okay... but wait... there is a move to get this issue in front of the United Nations Security Council ... and that body has teeth. Oh ... but but but... the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has already stated that they will veto any sanction the SC makes against Israel regarding the Wall. What the fuck is that all about? Oh yeah, I forgot ... Jewish money owns the united states and stating that truth no doubt makes me an Anti Semite. (I'm not, btw...but believe what you want).

Oh, and as we all know... being Anti Semitic in Canada is a bad thing... The CRTC will shut your ass down (hello Radio CHOI) if you talk trash like that... unless, of course, you're Al Jazeera Television... Then it's ok to bring your INSANITY to Canadian airwaves.

Alrighty... rant-o-rama is done for today... please replace your bonnets on the hat rack when exiting the building through any of our wheelchair accessible fire exits.
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r'uh row... all of a sudden... I'm noticing gmail is not picking up replies to comments I make in other peoples journals...
hmm... wonders to self...
self, how long has this been going on?
and self? why are you talking like van morrison sings?



gah... way way too busy a day.

Nowhere near done the AR update... so that'll have to wait till after dinner.

but now it's time to booooooogie home.

See ya.


Be nice to each other. Life is a team sport.
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Amazing Race Update!!!

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Start yer engines... and race to the airport, because that's where the good stuff starts.  We can just try real hard to get the image of Charla, on the counter, covered in chocolate... mk?  Word of advice: if you're thinking of trying out for The Amazing Race... know how to drive a stick yo!

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