July 20th, 2004


:) Tuesday, July 20

~ changed because meres soooo likes the fishy face. :D

:::::::::::::[ and here's a smiling corto... :D ]:::::::::::::::

Absolutely gorgeous out there. I mean, there's a crisp bit to the air and everything is dripping with sunshine. Of course, the idiots are environment canada are calling for thunderstorms. There were none yesterday, btw. :D

You know it's almost bizarre how the act of building a kite absolutely ixneys the entire concept of wind. sheesh.

~ green ftls
~ dk gray ... kinda got a blue thing going on in there... dress pants... little cuffs 'n evathang.
~ dk blue miniature courderoy button up shirt... um the "cords" are mini ... not the shirt...
~ sadly... mostly more of the same.
~ jacking around with Marval...
~ writing.... er.. re-writing my resume for a proposal...
~ oh, it's THE AMAZING RACE night. :D :D :D
~ that the home reno goes well for nikkyb... and have you watched "the money pit" lately?
~ for the work gods to smile a bit on dinkydo ... so she can maybe find some silver lining in this particular job.
~ to rave for a minute oh how outstanding the gardenbum...er... wolfiegirl's hair cut is... :D
~ that I could play City of Hero's.
~ to send a few good vibes over to my friend murflegirl... just 'cause.
~ for a little peace to find it's way into canuckgirl's heart... relax sugar.
~ I could scratch my own back... sun burn on the camping trip... now? I'm a basket case, rubbing against wall-corners like a cat.. purrrrrr
~ to absently yell "MARCO" at amyaustin
~ and a few words of congrats out to rose_queen... on everything... the cigs and the kitchen!! :D

Radio voices have been talking a lot about this semi pro boxer dude that died after getting a Taser Blast from police while he raged and freaked, hopped up on all manner of chemical incentives. It's all about making whiney noises about "Just how safe are these tasers!!" What a crock. They are a Less Lethal alternative to blowing a gaping hole into a person and nobody ever said they (Tasers) were "non-lethal". But more importantly... who the fuck cares? You're a crook, or you're acting like one... you get taken down. Try maybe not putting yourself in a position where a cop has to unload a taser into your dumb ass and we're good. K? Now stop bitching and demanding more "studies" of the taser. Spend the money on more cops for goodness sake.

Have a great day muchachos y muchachas... :D


a: he's gay and wants to come out to his parents
b: he's gay? but I thought he was a virgin?
a: and?
b: well, you can't be gay until... you know...
a: no actually I don't.
b: Oh come on... how would he know until he ... tried it?
a: So you figure "gayness" is a measure of a mans enjoyment of cock?
b: GAH!!! shhhh...
a: oh relax.
b: Ok fine... But yes. I mean, how would he know he is gay until he's been with a man.
a: I'm quite certain that many sexually active gay men have been with women... probably most during some stage in their lives when they were trying to understand their sexuality.
b: Look... it could go either way... I mean, you never know until you try.
a: So, what you're saying is you could be gay... you've just never had a ride on the tower of power...
b: AHHHH can you stop that? And NO of course not.
a: Well you never no until you try.
b: I have tried... I tried a woman and I was good with that.
a: You know you're an idiot right?
b: No look...
a: No you look... gay is not some choice you make. Bisexual is more readily a lifestyle "choice" but hetero and homo sexual is not some choice that is made the moment you encounter a sexual organ.
b: So you're saying they're born that way.
a: Were you on the fence... waffling between the vagina virtues and cock craziness... right up until you had some tail?
b: No... but... I'm not gay.
a: Yes... in fact, you're an idiot. Are you sure you're not gay? Have you ever had some? Hmm... k'mere...
b: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Operation "I'm sick of this cupboard".

Get large bin from basement.

Empty "tupperware" cupboard into it.

Put bin at side of kitchen.

Want tupperware? Get it from bin.
Done with tupperware? Wash it and put it back in "Tupperware Cupboard".

End of two weeks... everything left in the bin is freaking TOAST!


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just about to watch TAR... so I'm avoiding lj, in case I see something about the show. :D

But we just finished watching Girl With A Pearl Earing (with my folks, btw... :D)

Scarlette was classic.
The story was brilliant.
Settings and score, moving.
The lighting was incredible. 
And that daughter was a little cunt.

Does anyone remember a show from forever ago called "Picture Window"?
A weekly hour long thing on PBS that presented a famed masterpiece, and then wrote a story around it.
It was a remarkable show. And very much like this movie.