July 16th, 2004


Big Brother 5 Update!!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Lobster Mike

Where-in... they play veto, drive Mike nuts, toss someone out, and get a new Top Banana.  There is soooo much over the top vanity in this house that the Fab Five (QEfSG) almost look vanilla. Scott and Jase have ascended to self proclaimed god-hood after what? One week baby... just one week.  The game has hardly begun. Julie plays Twist'o'Rama with us and someone named Nathalie is playing twist'o'rama with all the house-mats.

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Friday, July 16...

Well we take off on our mini three day camping trip today...
... and mother nature is being a wee bit of a skank!
brrrr... it's cold out there.  We're loading up on blankets and games "well suited to huddling in a tent with".
I'll see ya all on Sunday!

~ blue fts... um... [ :: not really dressed yet... :: ]
~ white T-shirt.
~ not really awake yet...
~ shower, dress and all that fine stuff..
~ grocery store...
~ put the "car topper" on and pack it!
~ make lunch...
~ drive away... :D
~ big happy birthday to my darling z... aka babyfatz
~ that stephanykaye has a great dinner tonight...
~ and good fortune to wbahner ...
~ some congratulations style wishes out to raylenetaskoski for a size well fit... :)
~ and that ol'dave is patient. :D er... the inspectorjury'man...
~ oh, and a small wish that all is well in the land of fallingforward!!

... and I got about a million things to do this morning... so I'm outti. :D

See ya on Sunday. :D