July 15th, 2004


tick tick tick... boom. :D

I have nachos... and I am content. :D

Team Time Bomb has popped a couple of corks!!

sirenity lives in Hawaii... she and her husband welcomed little Sophia into their world on the 10th.
I have very little info on Sophia but I do know that all are healthy and happy. Her post is [ :: here :: ] (what more could I ask for!! :D) I await pictures with baited breath... :)

serpah has posted [ :: here :: ] about the birth of his son, Callum James, 7lb 3oz.  His brand new mommy of a wife (Michelle) is doing well and YOU GOTTA go to his post to see the pictures... what a beautiful baby!!

Imagine how much has changed in the world around us in the time it has taken for us to go from wee tiny announcements to friends and family to the people we are today.  Then imagine how much the world will change by the time these tiny snookies are all grow'ed up.  It reminds me how much we are only stewards and that we should take great care. :D

Congratulations to you both, and the very best of wishes for your new babies... :D

Thursday, July 15

Well there's clearly no shortage of water in the sky... made obvious by the amount that has fallen over the edges.
But it's nice and cool...
So what I'm say'en is... rainy and cold... lovely turn of the weather as we prepare to take the boys to a provincial park for a camping weekend. Must start thinking about toys that are eminently playable inside a tent... ug!

It was one of those mornings in our house. The alarm did it's thing... and I did mine... and everybody else remained blissfully beyond the days tickling fingers.
Gray light from a cloudy, rainy day was sneaking in along the edges of the curtains... and everything was quiet. When I was ready to zoom ... I snuck* around to each little sleeper and said smoochy goodbyes. I could tell I was interrupting a dream in my little Z, and Edward remained quite interred with his covers. Geo woke up and dashed about to throw on his muscle shirt and sweat pants... (he's such a little dude... I gotta get some pictures to mark this phase).

so listen, do you live in Dallas?: I have a friend that is a stylist working out of Studio Salons (Tom Thumb shopping center, behind Denny's - Meadow and Central - Central Expressway #39). I know hair is a personal thing... but like everything in life... it's the trying of something new that brings you around to new beginnings. His name is Jeremiah and he's the hubby of a very sweet journal friend. Call 'em... make an appointment and get a discount by saying I sent ya. :D (giggle... no really!) The thing is... people get nothing but pleasure from "paying it forward" and that's what I'm doing here and it would be a wonderful thing if there was a way to spark business by spreading a word like this. and try as I may, I can't avoid saying... For a new head, call jerimiah.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green dress pants...
~ beige t hiding under a pale green ziptastic shirt
~ presentation day of the websites at a lunch time meeting
~ more resume rewrites for some standing offers...
~ still messing with marval... (software for service desks, and service management)
~ I could make a difference...
~ to send a thank you out to a couple of lj friends for helping me out with a music issue... :D (see song title... Lovely song...)
~ that today brings some good vibes to my friend wikkidpixie...
~ for the chance to sing quiet words of praise to pixiecup...
~ there was time and space to explain all the things I love about amyaustin :D

Today is a sad anniversary in our family... It was a year ago today that suzanne lost her father.
In the time that has passed since... there has been much healing.
The love of a large and strong family has held together the many lives that stepped wearily across the grass at Mount Royal Cemetery.

An interesting thing... My FIL was laid to rest in a very formal ceremony, however his daughters placed a plush toy "hershey kiss" and there were fresh-from-the-factory hershey kisses a'plenty at the reception. These were a very specific indulgence of the man we were honouring.
Just as I sat down at my desk today, my immediate cube mate, someone from whom I have never received an "office candy" was brandishing a mug filled with fresh hershey kisses. I ate one... and sat in silent wonder at the way things go in circles.

Smile... it's more fun than the alternatives.

* snuck: I know I know... but I hate saying "sneaked".
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question: when did they replace the coffee makers here with LAVA DISPENSERS?

er... ignore me... I just need a few skin grafts.
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So how you do'en?
Things tough?
Worried about work? Bills? Stuff?

Check this out [ :: a friends journal :: ]

Just kinda makes you look around and think about how fortunate you are...

I've know her (fireflieslie,  aka leah) since the moment she made her first post... (ok... like her third post) four years ago... almost.

Any ways... Leah has been a wonderful journal friend and she has been evac'ed from her home as fires rage in the mountains around her.

Perspective... it's all about perspective.