July 14th, 2004


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long day... loads done...
Amazing Race ... hahaha...
but I'm saving BB for another night.

Tomorrow will be a busy day,
so it's time for snoozish behaviour.

oh... and sirenity was due to have he baby yesterday... but I've not heard from her in several days. So I'm sending out loads of good and positive vibes that all is well and that mommy and baby are healthy, happy, and way too busy to post. :D

Ni gh

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No seriously... we were making all these rediculous faces and ended up laughing so much that the laughing pic stuck... :D

Well ... the weather gits are calling for thunderstorms today... of course it's beautiful, sunny, and generally lovely out right now. :D
Seriously... how can anyone be a weatherman on public media and not be drunk all the time... "everybody hates me... nobody believes me... hell, I don't even believe me... "

Up this morning at a better time than usual... and there was Geo bopping off to make coffee... :D (I could get used to this kinda pampering)
Heck... even Edward woke up before I left and he had a big ol hug for dad on the way out the door. (he's kind of a hands off guy most of the time).

oh, and just say'en... my journal. mine.
really, don't hang out here if it's sooooo distasteful. hmmm...

~ blue ftls
~ black jeans
~ dk blue and white stripped tommy dress shirt...
~ ok... to actually read some of the marval install guide this time... :D
~ write about TAR (the amazing race) at lunch...
~ keep on working the marval thing into a frenzy...
~ watch BB5 tonight...
~ to plant a big smoochy kiss on keefriffards for giving me a morning smile... er... ok so I don't kiss him... 'cause that would be all gay and stuff... and I don't want to be called "True Corto" or anything...
~ that the good vibe hiding inside knightsdawn finds the light soon... :D
~ to send an almost endless stream of hope and wishes to a certain little Tess... just because...
~ that the Dink would get some sleep before she gets too loopy... er... that would be dinkydo (who's name always starts out as kinkydo until I fix it).

And, because I'm so cool...
I think I'll wax a little phophetic today;

If an angry white chick falls off a stool in a fish and chips shop
do any of the other patrons poke her with their umbrellas?
or do they just laugh and point...
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The Amazing Race Update!!!

Amazing Race 5

Next Stop... The Bachelorette... you Ho!

Start yer engines... It’s "game on" time... and that means lying, arguing and ... apparently, sticking your hand in a cow's ass. They tango, they get groped by slimy Argentineans, and we watch the meltdown of two remarkably pathetic people.

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Um... Posty McPostalot time... sorry...

Remember when I said I was jonsing to find a song... (sugar-cack?) - prol'y not, but whatever...
Well I'm still searching... and I've only just found out the name of the artist and the song...

mommies & daddies by Simon Wilcox...
~ edit: Got it... twice... :D Thank you.

Now... who's got an mp3 of this for me?

and shut it... I'm going to buy the cd but I want the music now!!! :D

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ok... done.

Today's been a strange one... but I managed to get buckets done.

Speaking of buckets... the sunshine ran out.
Everything is wet... and wet in a big and nasty way...

So I wont really be need'en the sunglasses on the way home.
Speacking sunglasses...

:::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]::::::::::::::

This whole rain and crappy weather thing... can screw off... We leave to go camping on friday (home on sunday) and I want sunshine!!! (dammit dogget).

I wish I had a chance to talk to you today...
but there will never be a shortage of tomorrows.
It's the way of things.

see ya. :D