July 11th, 2004


Sunday... yawn... scratch... July 11

Yeah... caught myself yawning... and this truly is a perfect representation of how I feel right now... so there ya go. :D

We had a busy day yesterday...

There was mini put... and a driving range... I noticed Geo had a bit of a swing the other day so I thought I'd start him early on a few golf basics... :D

I was all over a new project yesterday... we're refinishing the DECK... shit... what a bucket of work.  Washed it... then used the "gets the gray out" stuff on it... and on Monday night... I'mma gonna spread a wee bit of sikkens cetol (sdk) and then sand it... ug. Then it'll be a big dose of cetol and my fingers will be crossed that the damn thing looks good in the end.  The beautiful Cedar Deck that we paid a fortune for... looks kinda like crap as it is.  (and I've come to learn that pressure washing is not gonna provide any kind of decent alternative to a "treatment" so...

HEY!! We finally got around to watching Big Brother last night... OMG I laughed... I'm getting emails from people I don't know (in the BB community) asking if I'm gonna write... so today I'm working out how I can write a little something for BB... but man... Holly! holy crap ... how can one woman contain that much air?

~ black ftls
~ off white t-shirt
~ pj pants... and just-woke-up hair.
~ hm... well to go try and see what I can write about something that made me laugh...
~ go to Home Despot to price out an industrial sander (rental) and get some other sanding bits and pieces...
~ Ed has soccer today...
~ and I taped the movie Ed Wood last night... we've never seen it and I think maybe tonight... :D
~ that I get a chance to read up on what's been happening with you guys...
~ and that nobody tries to off crayolaphoenix... mothers included...
~ to send a few good vibes out to that dad-talk'en dinkydo... (smiles for ya sugar)
~ that somebody knows where to download the now-not-findable Win XP powertoys for "image resizing" and "open command window here". Found them... killer usefull mini apps... can be installed from [ :: here :: ]

The moment you think I wish I hadn't got my hopes up
Is a sad moment indeed.
Not for sake of the loss you feel...
But for the loss you are setting yourself up for.
Hope is something that lives at the very heart of a life.
Abandoning it may be a great heart ache,
and losing it may draw out the hours that make up a hard day.
But that is hopes cost... the price you have to pay to drink from her fountain.
You are never more alive than in the moments when hope springs within you.
It takes you forward into your future and lightens the steps you take on that journey.
And it is worth every moment of emotion that may follow.

... and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. :D

BB5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Project NFH - No Fat Here
BB5 kicks off this season with a little too much fashion sense and a house full of what seem to be genetically cloned pretty people and the required nods to tokenism. The Black Guy, The Lovely Homothexual, The Goober and The Goth-From-Plan-Nine carry the token-torch but the rest of 'em couldn't find a body hair or tooth decay if you paid 'em in big fat gold nuggets.
Space Vixen Julie (noticing her freakazoid silver outfit...) is practically creaming herself as she blurts out big-twist after big-twist... with a little dead-beat-dad revelation and a groove station twin thing kicking off "twist'o'rama". 

Clearly, CBS is working overtime to get our attention and while they haven't represented any kind of age-range or body types beyond the pathetic clichés of steroids and eating disorders, there is little doubt that the show will entertain the faithful.

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