July 9th, 2004


tra la la...

... there is much work to be done in sorting files,

4.5 gigs of photographs recovered.
I honestly don't know if it's all of them...
... but it's a shit load of 'em. :D
~ does a little dance.

and ... we're done.

well, basically... that's been my night.
next stop... tomorrow. :D
see ya

Friday... July 9. All friday.. all the time...

The sun has come out again... the wicked discomfort of total despondency has lifted in light of the massive recovery I managed to make last night. I mean, I deleted the single partition on the drive... formated the drive (full versus quick) NTFS and then installed an O/S ... patched it and installed MS Office... and still managed to recover 4+ gigs of image files from the pre format disk... man... just goes to show ya.... it takes several hundred million volts of electricity or a box of shells from a healthy hand gun to really remove files from a hard disk.

PREGNANT?? go and take my poll. [ :: here :: ]

It is a crazy beautiful day out there... but they (those people that are always wrong, btw) are calling for t-storms this afternoon. I wont hold my breath.

~ red stripee ftls...
~ friday's blue jeans... [ :: fresh from the dryer and uber comfy :: ]
~ dk blue shirt... buttons... and kinda in need of an iron... but screw it... it's friday baybee..
~ to finish the "external web site" project...
~ start reading background material for a new project (BS15000 stuff)
~ watch the bb5 stuff that I have on tape ... :D
~ to thank you all for the great vibes yesterday... and the big helping hands.
~ I had a tape of Dennis Miller and the dishwasher discourse... hahaha...
~ to send some Big Wishes out to sirenity ... who's having that little baby ... any day now!!!
~ that crayolaphoenix would... um... you know, get some sleep.
~ I could hand a few hugs to alma_perdida... just 'cause.
~ and some quiet little wishes that things stay in control for hotblue... no really.

So much to read... my god people... :D :D ... you can call me silly names and make fun of me if you like but I still find that clicking print on my friends pages and reading them walking round outside on a break is the best way to actually get ya in my head. :D

// um...
Ok... so here a thing;

If the KKK operated an outreach program for disaffected youth (white, of course) and maybe ponied up for the odd financially challenged community members hospital bill and gave out a few college scholarships ... would that make them ok? What about them Illinois Nazi's? (sorry, blues brothers joke there) but still... the north american Nazi party exists... what if they built a hospital? or maybe set up several community associations.... would it be ok to go to those "associations" and partake of their services? FUCK NO. Not even for a second!!! Little freak'en nazi's can all jack boot themselves to death for all I care... and the Grand Wizard should be in jail... period.
Alright... so what about an organization that wages war against equal rights and talks tolerance yet takes it's strength from a culture of guilt, intolerance and exclusion?
~ that supports massive disinformation campaigns to keep birth control from underprivileged third world societies?
~ has waged more and bloodier wars than any arian freakazoid could ever dream of... for profit and to punish people for not being on their team?
~ protects-from-prosecution child molesting paedophiles and other varied sexual deviants...
~ stock piles monetary contributions from you for purposes undisclosed...
~ yet never manages to step up to the plate when entire societies of their faithful are starving and dying... and instead rely on the international tax collecting governments to sort those problems out.
So what if they set up a hospital, build a few community associations and paid a some college tuitions... heck... build a few universities...
Does that make them ok?

// hate me yet? yeah, whatever.

Have a fantastic friday muchachos y muchachas... :D
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Ok... so I'm shoot'en it with coworker guys after a two hour presentation...
which usually gets everyone a little heady... you know... when you wake up again. :D
Any ways... one of them mentioned having seen info on the "Real Doll" things and how freaking whack they are...

We start talking about the whole "Star Trek" Commander Data thing... and the future of robotics...
... and an episode of "The Outer Limits" (Sci Fi TV show thing... "different story every week" kinda thing)
... I'm trying to describe the episode;
Just like those people that start telephone calls in the middle
of a conversation, the show usually opens in the middle of a plot
line and you are drawn into it trying to figure out what's going on...
This one starts with the dodgy character working in some kind of
home office thing. He looks pretty sleazy and un-kempt (is that a word?)
and then in comes his uber gorgeous hot-stuff woman...
she's way out there with the space babe outfit and anime babe body.
Turns out she's a "girl friend BOT" and this dude is working on a remote
orbiting space station... Any ways... the story line includes her turning
into horrific evil woman BOT..."

and co-worker dude, without missing a beat, comes back with...

"Oh... they got married?"

bwaahahahaha... I about swallowed my tongue trying to not choke laughing...
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and... we're... done.

ok today has been fantastic... I'm a wee bit tired (understatement of the CENTURY but still)...

:::::::::[ end of day me... but the pic... not a link ]:::::::::::::

and I only cried for a few minutes looking at kristy's wedding pictures...
(shut up... I cry at weddings... period... no reprieve... no question... nasty habit...)

now all I gotta do is go meet some suits and let them talk for a half hour, pretend I'm listening...
and then the weekend starts. No really... what are you thinking guys... it's friday at 4:30... ?????


Want to do something to build character and improve the quality of your life...???

Forgive someone...

No really. It's not hard and I'm sure there's someone out there you have a few issues with.
Whatever it was... whatever has kept you in that ridged posture of discomfort,
let it go and forgive them. They may not like being forgiven and you may get nothing in return.
But, believe me here... that doesn't matter.
You gotta just do this... and make it real.
You'll know what I mean after ... I promise.
You kinda get taller.

Your life is about you.
How you feel, how you behave and how you move into your tomorrows.
All of that is improved by the simple act of forgiveness.
And, btw, forgiveness is only a sign of weakness to people who do not have the personal strength to embrace the concept.

I'm swimming in good vibes, so I'm gonna take that and run with it for a while.
See ya.

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home again home again... :D

We've spent the evening at my folks house having a grand bbq dinner... a monstrous meringue* / strawberry thing for dessert and all the great conversations that fall in the middle of stuff like that. :D

Now... it's BIG INSTALL TIME... rebuilding the software environment. ug... man, this part takes for freaking ever. :(

Any hoooo... I hope yer having fun. :D

*** thanks balljar