July 8th, 2004


thursday... July 8

I'm feeling exceptionally small today.
Last night included exporting all my email and backing up my bookmarks and copying all the folders from my desktop ... and storing everything on my data hard disk, reformating my root (opeating system) disk and reinstalling windows xp pro.

As this process finished and I began to install patches and various software... a moment of dramatic horror overtook me.
Like the wind falling from the sales of a yatch... air escaped my lungs in a terrible moment of realization that I had not moved my "shared" folders from the C drive to the D drive. Over six months of photographs... including all of christmas... were wiped away. I back up the photo directories to CD ... and they were due for a backup... but somehow I just totally overlooked that as I sat there asking myself "what else... what am I missing...?" When I washed my face before bed... I couldn't keep up with the tears. Now... really the pain is how let down I know Z is feeling... because I have grabbed most of what I wanted and they end up in my journal, hence on my server... but you have to understand... I'm talking about several thousand other full size picture files...

Any ways... today is a day to get over it... to hate my computer for a bit... and try to avoid thinking about it as I sort out how I'm going to get all the other software reinstalled.

~ green ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ beige T
~ two tone (beige - of course - and pale green) tommy sweater.
~ I have to fill out a new grid and tune up the resume for a bid proposal that has to be ready ... today.
~ and that's all I can get a handle on at this stage...
~ to send some warm love and kind thoughts to my friend teasdale and wish her and her family the strength of angels as they deal...
~ that all is well in the new home that pageeater is sinking funds into...
~ to just send a few good vibes out to sirenity... tick tick tick...

Question: Can you help me? I've just been reminded that data recovery is possible - but expensive - from a formatted hard disk... so it occurs to me that maybe someone out there knows someone who knows something about this... not "oh it can be done"... but rather... "here's what you do" or "here's the phone number of who to call"... that's are the kinds of info I'm dreaming of... anyone... Bueller?

Quote from coworker dude... who is currently 31... "how old are you? forty two? You're married right? yeah... well what do you need hair for?"
Obviously, we were talking about the ever thining dome that will one day reveal to the world that I have a pointy head... remember that cartoon - um... from the days when Yellow Submarine was new, about the guy with the pointy head that got lost and found himself in the land of the round head people...
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after much lobbying and at great expense...
the Political Action Committee funded by
Hewlet Packard, IBM, and Gateway (The H PigPac)
has won their Supreme Court ruling that forces
Michael Dell to change his first name to Infa.

The good folks at Dell have no comment.

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yeah... well today has (thankfully) become the stuff of yesterday.

Now it's home... dinner... soccer with Geo and then a night of running something called "Easy Recovery Professional".
I've spent a bunch of time sitting with the office Geek Support team dudes talking solutions...

so I'm crossing my finger digits and praying to my own private god for just a wee bit of recovery on this one.

:::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::::

... which translates into Not getting to watch BB5 tonight...
(I still haven't watched the season opener from the other night)
... and me spending ... well... zero time playing on my computer.
Seeing as I wont actually have a computer.

yeah, thought not. :D

I'm pretty sure I have missed a couple of you in the line up on Team Time Bomb.
Please fill out my poll if your preggers...
I will only use the information to help me make lovely wishes for you and send you greeting cards.

Is your pregnancy a secret? (hence I wont say anything)


Do you think it's a boy or a girl?

No idea... (smile)

When are you due?