July 7th, 2004


Wednesday... July 8

see... you look at that picture... and you think you're seeing a guy who is awake... but the reality is something altogether different.
I'm just pretending to be awake... for all I know... I'm still asleep and only dreaming that I'm doing my morning post...

In this dream... I woke up a wee bit behind schedule (big honk'en surprise there huh) and was chased around by geo (see picture) who was grabbing a few moments of me before I left for work. Summer vacation really underscores the notion that daddy has to split ever week day...

Man this is a fabulously insightful song lyric;
this tightrope just begins to feel like home
when the wind comes rising from a desert storm

~ points for knowing what song thats from... :D

~ blue ftls
~ black kinda cargo... kinda khaki...
~ salmon? coloured gap shirt... thank you little sweaty slave children
~ dk green... no really, like treacle black, button up shirt...
~ er... send the graphics over to the web mistress... I kinda forgot a few of those when I did the release yesterday... d'oh
~ start on the "external version" of this web site...
~ write about Amazing Race at lunch... the show was excellent... no question.
~ REFORMAT MY FUCKING COMPUTER TONIGHT... because I'm totally hosed with the god damned "golden nugget casino" browser hijack" crap... (imagine my angry face... !!)
~ that, when I get to scroll scroll my friends pages... I see that sweet princessblondie has her keys... and that her and her main squeeze, Bruno, are in their new house!! :D :D (congratulations guys!!)
~ I had gone to freaking bed last night... what have I done to myself... gah... I swear I'm a basket case... tonight... must ... go... to... bed.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (bonk)
~ that I get to use the word scintillating in a sentence today... (thanks ldygwynedd) ... I love that word.
~ that giabean enjoys walking the line with the in-line-walking-trainee's today. :D
~ to send out a big big happy CONGRATULATIONS to cynica on the occasion of her be'en all knocked up!!! Welcome to Team Time Bomb. :D

Yeah so I'm listening to the news this week and I keep hearing about the CAW (canadian auto workers union) pressuring the government to make good on some spurious pre-election deal to support the automotive industry... and that this should translate into a 500 million dollar (dude... that's half a billion dollars) boost for some Ford Windstar plant in Ontario. This is the most "makes no sense to me" thing in the universe. If Ford Windstar mini vans are not selling... THEN TAKE A FUCKING CLUE .... Meanwhile, healthcare, public schools, clean water, childcare... can all screw themselves because some blood sucking union figures it's not fair for people to not buy that particular mini van and the TAXPAYERS should cover their asses? Someone please round up the CAW executive, cut them - a lot - and lets all spritz them with vinegar... now that would be scintillating...

Amazing Race Update!!!

Amazing Race 5

Oh Look, A Clue

Start yer engines... and then ram a nail into your leg and bleed all over the damn place. The race is on baybeee... and there will be blood and sides of beef everywhere. Do yourself a favour... have the seafood when visiting Uruguay. We really have a great collection of "scintillating", stand-out characters and they had me howling last night...

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