July 5th, 2004


Monday, July 5.

I was practically unconscious when I snapped this picture...
and I know it's ghastly... suffer. :D bwaahahaha

Ok... what fucking gives with freaking spyware.!!!!!
I was fine with the odd running of Adaware and relying on my virus software. But in sorting out a problem with someone elses computer I get into "SpyBot" and am well impressed with the crap it finds and how it removes it. So I do this at home. Yeah... well... NOW I HAVE A WEIRD ASS GATOR THING putting a "casino" icon on my desktop, re-writing my favourites list, and popping up a complete IE window with punk ass casino on it. Oh, and I get this warning window pop up telling me about the fact that my computer is infected with Gator-this-and-that. So WTF!!!! did SpyBot put this shit on? Or is just some really bad timing thing? and if so... why doesn't Adaware and Spybot find this Gator casino crap???? I really run a tight ship with my computer at home and I am really prone to feeling violated when something like this happens. (not to mention feeling totally stooopic because I can't figure out how to fix it. ... I suppose I should search for key words in the registry and start deleting shit there... but GAH!!!)

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ red p-z golf shirt
~ a layer of "weekend" over my whole body....
~ on being wary wary quiet...
~ working away on the projects and keeping my head down.
~ and saving the reasons why for a friends only post...
~ but a nut trying to get to that pirate project... yes... I know... Captain Cryptic
~ I had my old office stinking cube back... sitting in this one means my back is to the door opening and I have to use one of those little trade show give-away convex mirror things that sits on my monitor corner to get a heads up about who's standing behind me... I tend to burst with cat like reflexes (bwaaahahahahahahaha) and spring vertical with my claws out... when surprised at my desk...
~ I didn't have to run with my monitor dumbed down to 1024x768 (from 1280x1024) while I work on web site layout stuff... I feel like I'm playing with lego "mega blocks"... I cannot imagine how people function with 800x600 on their desktop.
~ for a really good nights sleep to find amythyst...
~ that the night that does bring sleep to nordicgrrl would manage to do it with dreams of ... well, for example, me waving a palm frond over her or something... anything better than bad dreams baby...
~ sending a few carefully placed vibes at the feet of silvergirrl and then a few more over on the counter beside macdatty...
~ and a big jealous wave out to iluselu as she goes on a whirlwind european adventure visiting so many lj friends I could just explode. :)

LJ power time...
A friend of mine (here in lj land)... justholly, has a friend named Shannon...
Shannon is eight months preggers... and has to go into the hospital for some serious surgery unrelated to the pending baby...
Do me a wee favour... and you know, I hardly ever ask you to do anything...
Join me in just holding a few kind thoughts close to your heart for this random Shannon...
because I know that good vibes are a force like no other,
and you guys are a powerful group of people with huge and lovely hearts.

Ok... I know my boss is sitting back there somewhere wondering if I'm ever going to get to work... see ya.
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Ok... all done.

time to sneak away and go home.

and before I go...
:::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::
and a thought...

when You reach out
and can't find a place to hold on
bring Your hand back
and slip it in Your pocket
it's warm in there...
because You're alive
You're heart is beating
and You know what love is.
You must never... ever...
let their failure to grab Your hand
make You think You've forgotten how
to be the person You were supposed to be.
You are who You are ... completely
and nobody else will ever be any good at being You.
You are wonderful... beautiful... and warm.
but best of all... You are You.

(I'm sorry if that's too hallmark... it's something I wanted to tell someone...)

tomorrow night...

To quote the cbs "amazing race" [ :: web site...  :: ]

Don't miss the 90-minute broadcast premiere of THE AMAZING RACE at a special time, 9:30PM ET/PT, Tuesday July 6th.

that's tomorrow night.

If you don't care... well aren't you special... hahaha... no seriously though... I used the new Livejournal Opinion Analysis Display (LOAD), so only people that are actually interested in the show can see this post.  Let them know if there's any problem with the analysis...

ok... all done. :)