July 2nd, 2004


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A moon... low on the horizon and big like it's gonna roll over you at any moment.

me: "hold your arm out... and stick up your thumb... "
both kids: "like this?"
me: "yup... now cover the moon with your thumb.... see how it just covers it? ok, now we'll do that again when it's up a lot higher and doesn't look half as big as it does over there... and you'll see... it'll be the same size."

The fireworks were a blast... The "kanata fireworks" did not happen this year... sponsorship issues.. so we went to the next massive village... and it was great.  They all park in spot "a" and watch fireworks across the road in spot "b". So it's  a big tail-gate party.  :D

We set off our own - surprisingly fabulous - cheepo fireworks in a park on the way home... peels of laughter and screams of ohhhh! ahhhhh...

Today... so called "sloth day"  has been fun. but I didn't get any of my pirate thing done... maybe tomorrow.

guess what tomorrow is...

Sloth day two! I'm booked off work tomorrow and then it's the weekend.

*sigh* :D

Okidoki... time for bed. See ya tomorrow.

Friday... July 2.

Dragged out of dreamland... job one is to make blueberry / carrot muffins ... easily done when you are out of eggs... it's the oatmeal muffins that you can't make without eggs!

~ sloth like attire... :D
~ black ftls...
~ pj pants [ :: so comfortable I could scream :: ]
~ and a black hoodie.
~ well... to find a kite string.... and pray for wind.
~ go buy a door knob... and no, that doesn't mean I want my own private Dubbya... I gotta replace a broken knob man...
~ and eggs... gotta go and buy eggs.
~ i'm thinking pizza and a movie... we haven't seen shrek 2 yet... or maybe the kids want to see F911 hahaha... ok ok kidding...
~ for angry_amy to get what she needs...
~ and the same goes for shann... :D
~ for the mumps to leave Zak alone and let ninneviane sort out her day...
~ to send many happy thoughts of things like "wow... go you guys" to pixiecup and her main squeeze...  yes you Nate...
~ and for resolutions to find their way into the subconscious of stephaniekaye...

Your life is a play...
One of those "adapted from a short story" plays.
It takes on emotion and depth as it draws into it's second half,
Leaving the folly of youth for the first couple of acts.
But now that the audience has had an intermission
And the players have changed their costumes...
It's time to get the message out and inspire.
Even if the you are the only one watching.
Don't play a bit part in your own show.
Move towards center stage...
You deserve to give yourself your very best performance.

ok ok... I gotta git... the shower is screaming at me... "come to me... come and de-fuzz thyself..."

:) later skaters...
(which reminds me... I need to write to kathleen and see how the world of daikan is shaping up... )

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She flew!!!

~ and there was dancing and odd behaviour.

Unable to wait for good wind,
We all headed to the park,
and chased the smallest bit of wind...
It was worth it.

No sooner had she caught a breeze than it was up and up and up...
Alas... I only had 200 feet of string.
The wind gave out and down she came... all in good order.
Amazingly... it did not break or otherwise smash up on landing. :D

[ :: The celebratory video of the kites Maiden Voyage :: ]


So to make a remarkably good pizza...
.. you have to start with the right stuff.

Chunk chopping an onion and a red pepper
leads to pan searing, a great kitchen smell
and a wee bowl of carmelized veggies.
Then it's cheese grating time... fresh mozza
and a hand shredder... large piles of little balls
of mozza.

Of course, theres the dough.
Having failed to get the kinks out of my  scratch
recipe I turn to Buns Masters who, despite their
psuedo domination name... makes great bread
products including frozen uncooked "dough" balls. 
Two defrosted all afternoon.

So I turn on the oven, try not to nibble on the sliced
pepperoni, and hawl out an - as yet - unused
christmas prezzi.  A "Pizza Stone".
This round slab of re-enforced pottery is the surface
that goes in the oven ... covered in pizza goodness.

Being the Mr. Smartypants that I am... I'm doing the
Toss'N'Twirl with the pizza dough and edward is
asking me about that...
I happily recount my years of hard labour working at a
pizza parlor in my yout! and twirl twirl twirl...

Except it's not getting very "wide"... not at all...
So the twirl twirl becomes the press and squish...
and I FORCE that dough into the shape of the SLAB. 
Once there, Geo helps apply sauce, onions, red peppers,
pepperoni and then we cheese it up good...
Oh... and then a layer of pepperoni on top of the cheese ...
for good measure.

Then I pop it into the oven where it happily warms up to
extreem temperatures fusing the dough to the slab in a
way not altogether dissimilar to the way in which heat
sheild tiles are fused to the outter shell of the freaking
space shuttle.

Needless to say... we ate little piles of goop with a fork
that daddy (me) kept saying "should taste exactly like a
delicious pizza!".

We order 'Za next time. :D