June 30th, 2004


Wednesday, June 30.

Not sure, as usual, if I'm the only one... but I aint got no livejournal today.
In fact, I had sketchy LJ last night... and now (wait... checks again... NOPE).

Google mail was kinda wonky last night too... so I totally blew off LJ and email and resigned myself to a late night of buggy racing at there.com. I met a nice guy from Las Vegas... and had some good fun. No, I'm not being comp'ed by there.com for talk'en all nice about them all the time. It's a great concept and I only imagine how it will grow over the next several years... :D Do they have stock? They (the people behind there.com) signed a deal to develop a virtual world for the US Military as part of some futuristic training facility... cool beans...

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans...
~ beige T and dk blue button up shirt...
~ mad crazy web psycho boy all day...
~ soccer dad after work ...
~ more "there.com" tonight... I was having way too much fun buggy racen at ramp city last night...

I met a new friend in lj last night... and I wanted to pass on a heart felt congratulations on the birth of her new baby girl Nadia.
Congratulations heatherbell ... her baby arrived one short week ago.
Now... dig this. When you go into a regular hospital and have a very average birthing experience... you can expect to have various parts of your body taped up.
IV taped to your wrist... You cannot imagine the amount of tape they use to deliver that epidural... taping a tube all across your back...
If you end up having a cesarean birth for whatever reason... well, you get more tape.
Now imagine finding out ... relatively quickly after delivering your baby... that you are wicked allergic to that tape.
Sweet mercy... makes me wanna tell my pregnant lj friends to ask your doctor to have some of that tape around for the next appointment so you can try some out.
... and yeah, this is something you can read about in Heathers journal... (I think ... I honestly didn't notice if it was a locked post... and I can't get onto lj to check.)


I woke up at 8:15. Ok... I'm sure I woke up before that but not enough to formulate any cohesive thoughts... My first memory of today was the clock telling me it was 8:15. I sat down at my desk, here at work, at 9:15. I live at the totally opposite end of the city from my office. So up, shower, make coffee, shave, dress, make lunch, eat breakee, brusha brusha (hi Elizabeth) and drive to work... in 60 minutes. I drove at about 115 kms most of the way here... but there were tie ups that kept me down to 60 - 80...

// the ranting part.
Now ... the thing is... Somewhere about 5 kms before my office... this big honking Chevy Blazer ... deep red and decked out with what appears to be Option Pack 4 ... you know... fancy shit on the spare etc... absolutely "blazes" up on my rear view mirror... and before I have even got a moment to decide about moving over to make room for speedy boy in his SUV... he's gone to the right of the four lanes and blasts past. I see him tailgating the next guy because there was no easily accessed right lane to use to garner further progress.... and, of course, I catch up to him doing my leisurly 115. I'm telling ya, when he passed me, he had to be going 145 km/h easy. I know in my heart that I have been in an uber rush before and thrown caution to the wind. I know it and admit it... but I'm ashamed of it and regret it like mad when it happens... and it happens a lot less... but that's beside the point... The real point is that the fucking SUV was scary as hell pounding up my ass in the rear view (shut up) and I can only imagine what it was like to have him hanging off the little toyotas rear bumper like he was doing.
I know from personal experience that we (the global we) have to be more accepting of the notion that we get no where by judging. I recall driving like a bat out of hell to the hospital with edward bleeding like mad, strapped into his car seat with his head wrapped in a "getting red" towel... Nothing was gonna slow me down and, no, I wasn't going to die on the drive... but I was exceeding the speed limit. And I remember the car that moved in front of me to block my passage because that driver assumed I was just some punk driving too fast and wanted to "show me!". So yeah, whatever... SUV boy pulled into our building parking lot just ahead of me (his big ass rush didn't actually make any difference) and there was nobody bleeding in the seat beside him.
Bottom Line: Slow down man... arrive alive and stop scaring the shit out of people with your BIG STOOOOPIC UGLY GAS GUZZLING AIR POLLUTING UNSAFE COMPENSATION-FOR-A-SMALL-PENIS SUVs.
//the end.

alrighty then... lets see if Lj lets me post this.

Update: http://status.livejournal.org/ reports hacker action is trashing the site... and not even cool hackers... just punks.
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Script Problem Update

~ problem solved....

The offending element was the "onload" command repeated in both scripts...

solution was to put the offending elements in the text scroller (the section I isolated yesterday) into a function that is called by the javascript call that runs the text scroller...

Now that doesn't mean I understand... just that it's working sweet....


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enough of your lj evil'ness....

get better already.
I want to post and read and post replies undaunted by crazy freakish long waits only to see errors.

on a lighter note... today was a raging success in terms of getting things done.
So I'm all happy.

But I'm almost late... so I gotta jet.

dinner and soccer are a'call'en.

See you tonight. :D

(this band... I love their music... well... most of it...)
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Edward: "Dad... stop calling me 'toasty monkey'"
me: "hmmm ok.... toasty tad poll."
Edward: (gurgling noise)
Edward: "lets go back to toasty monkey"
me: "hmm ok."