June 29th, 2004


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ok... bedtime.

I was thinking ... wouldn't it be cool if they made plastic looking "ken hair"... you know... like the hair on a Ken doll. 
It would have the little lines in it and everything... and I could clip it on to my head and it would be like... the ultimate "piece".
I'm talking wearing it... all the time... like at work and stuff... Of course it would have to be some space age material that breaths but still maintains that lovely plastic sheen.

oh... and you could have different colours... well... different "life like colours"... black, brown, blonde...

I mean... forget about hair loss baby... "go for the Ken look"
no wind damage...
no "product"...
no flakes...
(not counting yourself but forget about that part)

hell... imagine how easy it would be to clean...
I bet even ball point pen would come out.

It could go "fad" status... 'cause the girls are gonna love it...
and then all these branded versions come into the market.

But you'd have to stay true to that "small 1960s-70s plastic head on a ken doll" look.
(Jude Law in that movie AI)

Look fresh... Look well groomed... Look smart... Look'KEN!

Ok... I'm over it.
but still...


Tuesday, June 29.

Geez... how dorky is that picture... hahaha...
I swear... I have no idea how you can stand me.

The Day After....
so canada voted... and freaking Ontario voted like mad to let the crooks keep on "crook'en".
Which was enough, btw, to override the complete "diss" that the rest of canada seemed to hand 'em.
I bow to the superior numbers of the democratic process and I will endeavour to better understand things...
But when the next scandle rocks the buckets holding my tax dollars...
...when the next promise is tossed aside,
I'll try to hold my tongue ... and of course, that 'ell work... not.
If democracy is all about "conversations" ... then this has been a real endoresment of the process. :D

Next up... will America re-elect The Bush Man?

There's storm clouds on the horizon and I'm not being allegorical about the post election climate...
I'm talking about rain that wants to fall with loads of noise.

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk gray... kinda "blue gray" dress pants... little dust collecting cuffs and all...
~ old cognicase (old company) golf shirt...
~ to fly away in a few moments... so I'll prol'y be gone, then write this when I get back... :D oops.
(ok... it's 11:35 and I'm back... did ya miss me..?)
~ take a few giant steps with the internal web site project...
~ dance around a bunch... but that's just 'cause I got good vibes going on that you just can't imagine... :D :D
~ Happy Birthday to my lovely and full-of-wonder mom. I think she's 29 today... and I will always love that woman.
~ for the corner that needs turning in the world of my long time friend arlyn ... to be turned...ya dig?
~ that little nicky (the son-of-a-Kym - nbbmom) gets his little self better...
~ to send some congratulations out to bondas on the job ... big ups there!!!
~ that my friend angry_amy would grab ahold of the whole "happy amy" thing... and don't be discouraged sugar.!
~ to send my unending feelings of hope and care for sweet'n'lisa ladyfire.
~ and to point out that there is one precious woman in my world... dearest babyfatz... it's all about you baby.

Remember in the 1980's when it seemed to be the rage to market clothing options to women that screamed "you can't see my panty lines"?
Yeah... and did you know that those heady days of Affirmative Action kept the voices of the million mail voices from screaming WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
No... nobody wants to see panty lines... and nobody masturbates and women never discuss their sexual escapades with each other.... ON SOME OTHER PLANET.
Ok ok fine... there are yucky panty lines... but I'm just say'en... I don't look at your ass to consider the wonderful nature of the fabric that wraps you up in comfortable, ventalated, panty line'less goodness.


Where ever you are...
What ever your doing...
Try to remember that you're not alone.
And if you're wondering... you really do count.
Life is too short to think you don't matter.
Love like mad, and smile enough to make your cheeks hurt.
There's worse pain baby.

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any java script experts out there?

I have two scripts to use in a single page and they freaking hate each other.

I have them... I've tested... I've isolated the offending script... but I cannot isolate the offending variable or function that must cause the conflict...


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ok... done.

:::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::::

well today has been taxing.
one of those go go go go go go go go g ogo gogogogoagfkjad;flkajd;glhag;ahd fkjd f

you know?

but it's over.
tomorrow will be very much more of the same...
and I do hope I can get my project done...
because Thursday is a holiday...
and I'm taking friday off...
so I've a four day weekend coming up!! :D
and I'd like to enjoy it... without worrying over this project!!

Later skaters...

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just posting to say... it's all rumbly and dark outside...
you can taste the electricity in the air.
something wicked this way comes...