June 28th, 2004


Monday, June 28

ok... so we were having too much fun snapping goofy pictures...
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Belinda Stronach... drew attention to the national "Conservative Party" convention... by presenting - appealing or not - the real possibility that a woman would enter the federal process. News services were eating it up with glee... and I was well and truly enthusiastic about it... simply because it drew peoples attention to a process that is normally met with far far too much apathy.

The Liberal government in our country has held power for a long while and that's not a bad thing all on it's own... the time that the Liberals have been in power have witnessed a dramatic and unfortunate turn of tides towards what has been very simply a single party government...

Today is election day in Canada and for the first time in many many years, it's a race. People are talking about choices... Issues - versus bullshit - have made their way into the headlines and average canadians have engaged in heartfelt debate over the way their country will be run... in the way it has been run... in the way it will be run in the foreseeable future.

Whether you are left leaning towards socialist policies of spending and big government or right leaning towards smaller government and more power in the hands of individuals... the big deal today is that you have a chance to make a choice.

This, my friends, is a wonderful thing.

Congratulations Canada.
Now get out there and vote.

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I can't help letting all that stuff I said above... about the Canadian election and our return as a country to a multi party system... bring comment on the controversy of the Micheal Moore film F-9/11 to my fingers. Sadly the film will only really be seen by people who are already opposed to the current government in the USA. Few Republican Supporters will go and see the movie... although I suppose there is some "political action" value in the notion that fence sitters will be motivated to hold politically charged conversations or that others will be inspired to be politically active where they would normally settle for performing their apathetic best as the next election comes along.

However the Moore deal affects you... I think the process is a positive one. He (moore) has every right to do what he has done... and it's not like he's playing a game alone in the political world. Throwing weakness (perceived or otherwise) into the spotlight is a game played by the shakers and movers on both sides of the political spectrum ... he's just a fat guy that looks like he fell out of an episode of Family Guy so he's bringing more of the "everyman - for him or against him" issues into the game. But don't be fooled... you (American voting public) have been influenced by propaganda films for decades... There is nothing new here.

I haven't seen this film... but I will eventually.
I don't need it to dislike or disagree with the Bush government policies but I will enjoy it none the less.
What really burns my ass is when I see people talking like he (Moore) shouldn't be allowed to show the film... or that he should be strung up etc... what a great load!! Those people should be ashamed... they're the first ones in line when it's time to sing the virtues of the First Amendment.

So they handed power over to the Iraqi's all sneaky like today to avoid the threatened bomb blasts that would have otherwise marked the day had they stuck to the schedule. Good for them... of course, they (the United States Government) propped up his government for a while there. So let the countdown begin... and we will all wait patiently for the new government of Iraq to turn into the hated enemy and become a leadership that has be bombed out of exhistance by some future oil hungry government. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of men, women and children will die in countries that don't provide Oil resources to the United States so their deaths can be quietly ignored. Because you know... there's only so many places that the United States can be a "global police force"... only so many American children that grew up to wear uniforms while they blow up and burn at the hands of people who prol'y couldn't find the United States on a globe if you paid them three years wages ... ($45).

I really need to get into some frivolous. topics soon huh... :D

K... time to get back to work.
Have a great day!!!
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