June 25th, 2004


Amazing Race

Amazing Race kicks off on July 6... that’s a week from this Tuesday.
I’m looking forward to this... :D
It’s one of the few reality shows that is actually exciting...
They have a carefully selected set of "average American" contestants... you know... like blonde twins, dwarves, cheerleaders, and enough gleaming teeth to signal the freaking space station.

Here’s a quick review of this years Amazing Race team line up...
I suspect I’ll be writing a few words about this series.. :D

Alison and Donny.
Quoting Donny’s bio at cbs "He describes himself and Alison as both good looking".
She was the runner up on last years Big Brother. Read any of the [ :: BB4 show updates (click me) :: ], and you’re sure to read something about Alison being skantacular and evil.

Bob and Joyce
Cancer windows, met on-line, gonna show-them-young-whipper-snappers...

Brandon and Nicole
Basically Blue Lagoon... with a bible and a pair of ... er... Texas accents.

Charla and Mirna
An Armenian version of Lavern and Shirley... with five languages. Oh and a dwarf.

Chip and Kim
Chip? Chip? Who does that to a person? The black couple! (note: the only! black couple) Twenty five years together... and you will be sick of them talking within two weeks... You watch...

Colin and Christie
Teeth and hair... she sells drugs and he sells cell phones... by the sea shore... oh puke...

Denis and Erika
He broke off their engagement when she went skydiving naked  [ :: and you can see why from this scientific experiment :: ] Dudes... the tea leaves are all about arguing on these two.

Jim and Marsha
A cheerleader and her dad... and the prol’y come with apple pie.

Kami and Karli
Twin (repeats self) TWIN blonde twenty six year old girls with nice teeth. Exactly what else could there possibly be to say?

Linda and Karen
Soft squishy white bread... and they will have opinions about the cheerleader.

Marshall and Lance
Na-yorkers... brodders... an they make pizza... in Texas. 
Bricks will, at some point, bounce off these guys.

Ok... so see ya on July 7th.

ps. is there a community for this show?

f-f-f-f-friday!! June 25

Are you ready Steve? Andy? Mic? Alright fellas...

Having a coworker who can do a perfect Jaba The Hut imitation is a good thing... even it does cause coffee to shoot out of your nose.
Of course, we were talk'en about cinnamon buns on princess leah's head, the chains and the gold lamé bikini...

George got up with me today and made coffee... the coffee recipe in our house is 4 scoops and fill the water thing to 5. This makes strong coffee... and we like it that way.
Geo - my ever loving little monkey - made 5 scoops and filled the water thing to 4.
Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce...

It's all sunny and yummi around here today...
and all those people posting "Weee... ellJay is working again" notes... eat me. It'snotworkingformefuck@!

~ blue ftls... the comfy ones...
~ blue jeans baby... [ :: and it's friday... so deal with it... :: ]
~ strong bad t-shirt
~ denim shirt...
~ a big honken smile ... go ahead touch me... I'm fucking electric today.
~ continuing this coffee induced hard core buzz with a little crack action... which continues to warrant words of thanks and praise for the much absent katy_kate... my San Diego crack dealer...
~ it's time sheet day... oh fun...
~ on going a meeting where someone is going to ask for several changes to be made to the internal web site... yeah, the one that has been stamped "done" twice now... ah well, third times'a charm brother... third times'a charm. (just finished that meeting... massive massive rewrite... gah!!!)
~ BYO Pizza party at a beach park after work with some friends (the "out west" gang) and all the associated kids...
~ that whoever gave Livejournal the lobotomy is hunted down, caught and beaten with 25 inch leather straps and then sprayed with vinegar... just say'en...
~ that msmichelle has a blast at Summerfest... it sounds like Milwaukee* is gonna party...
~ to shoot major lj love out to meeshsmind... you're very sweet Sugar... :D
~ to give a virtual high five (VH5) to shiggity and say "Word" all black like ... re: the drunk people are annoying when you're sober... unless they are busy being a) exceptionally fun to laugh at... b) getting naked and winking at me c) throwing up in somebody elses washroom or d) err... ok, there is no "d".
~ and to send a few nice "thinking of you" vibes out to bratt72...

Hotmail is gonna offer 250 mgs of storage for their free email accounts... ... hahahaha... dude... you gotta hand it to Google for getting the world on board with not-being-chinsey-bast-ards-with-their-space.

* Milwaukee: You know that "gang of" thing... like "a gaggle of geese" or "a pride of lions"... well at some point in my childhood... I decided that a gang of mice was called a "milwaukee of mice" and it stuck. To this day... no really... and I tell people all the time... acting like it's true... my goal is to one day hear it used by someone else... You know... "Oh man... we went to open the cottage this spring and there was, like, a total milwaukee of mice in there..."

Ok... time to dive into the web site rewrite... or maybe just go get another coffee... :)
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