June 24th, 2004


Thursday, June 24

When I got home from work last night... I found my little Geo telling me of his after school tears.
The city has opened a new school in another neighbourhood... so half the overcrowded school is going to be going there next year ...
The "good byes" at the end of this school year were rather larger than the usual "see you after the summer" sort. My little emotional guy had many tears of sadness about the friends he was saying good bye to.

His grade three teacher has a digital camera... and she's been taking pictures all year long... and (DIG THIS) she presented each student in her class with a cd packed up with over 600 pictures from the year... That's 30 kids yo... What a grand thing for her to have done.

It's a steely gray and shivery morning here in the land of ice and snow... of course, it's supposed to be sunny and beautiful because it's freaking June and and and ... bah! :D
(peeks around for a door back into summer)

~ black ftls
~ beige dockers
~ dk blue p-z t shirt
~ black sweater and (red stripe!)
~ more web stuff... loads and loads of more web stuff...
~ lunch
~ and then back to web... :D getting a framework for an external site sorted out.
~ that weird work vibes are nothing serious for lindalee_
~ to make little ticking noises at tonya and sirenity
~ that the next week passes quickly for lunaobrien ... en route to your new house... :D
~ to send a few warm thoughts out to chicaboo25 on the .. um.. .recent changes. I hope things are good Ellen...

"Well, everybody hurts sometimes,
Everybody cries."


"Give a little bit
I'll give a little bit of my love to you"


It's easy to play... and mostly... that's what we do.
But sometimes I sit back and look more closely.
And when I do... what do I see?
I see my friends having babies... their lives absolutely at the event horizon of change.
Lives quite literally end, and with great sadness those friendships become the things of memory.
Wandering hearts... find moments of great love and they make glorious scratch marks across the walls that have held them for so long.
Angry heats start pulling new walls up when their world has become a cliff without something worth holding on to.
Sharing small but unforgettable moments with children reaching up out of their infancy towards the world we are giving them.

Great and wonderful changes sweeping through the lives of my friends....
Little moments of the mundane that make up their day...
Everybody hurts.
But that has to be ok.

All of it reminds me of why I'm here...
To be with you.

See you soon.

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Somewhere in the United Kingdom: Roller Coaster named "Oblivion"

Somewhere in California: Roller Coaster named "X"

Oh man... do I ever want to ride on those...

Geo and I watched a "Thrill Rides" show on Discovery Channel and ... wowza!! :D