June 23rd, 2004


Wednesday! June 23

Today is the last day of the school year for my boys... George is now heading into grade four and Edward will be starting Grade One.
I'm practically in tears just typing that... I can still hear each one of them kooing in my arms when we came home from the hospital.

The sun is back... Mommy Nature... must be back in the saddle do'en he hoe biscuit best to please the universe... (Did she change her name to J. Lewis?)...
It's just freaking gorgeous out there. I want to run away to a park and do absolutely no work at all.

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ very dark... black maybe... short sleeve button up shirt... :D
~ finish fixing up the branding issues on the internal web site...
~ big meeting regarding the just started project to build a new external web site for our practise...
~ soccer night for George...
~ that my little veeta girl... queenveets finds her good mood... sorry about lollapalooza sugar.
~ a big fat pudgy and squishy Happy First Birthday to little Lilly... that would be amyaustin's wee squish monster. :D
~ that there is not hangover for sweet'n'sugar tiarafetish... a southern bell in need of a little ring'en... :D
~ to send you all a'clicken over to reeris's journal... If Julia Roberts was beautiful... she'd look like reeris. (ps. sugar-reer is in Turkey)
~ that my long time friend, little miss angry alice... sixtyten gets herself feeling better soon... let alone gets her computer back...
~ to send a few good vibes to crushdmb... just 'cause

Okay... dig this...
Several weeks ago... we all received a note in our mail boxes telling us that the city was going to be levelling a charge against residents that put more than five items at the curb on garbage day... hence, I suppose, a big market for REALLY big green garbage bags was suddenly created. Whatever... then comes the next weekend... when we are told that the city is cancelling the Plastics Recycle program... well, ok... scaling it back but dude... the shit we can no longer put in the plastic box is pathetic. So classic government moment... tell you your gonna be punished for putting too much in the trash and then forcing you to have more trash.

Then the kicker... A woman who was, up until last year, an administrator at a local community center - co-ordinating the actions of several sorts of social workers, is now a city counsellor... thanks to a rather nasty election campaign. Her first notable action was to vote in favour of a 3% city tax hike and vote against any reduction in the operating budgets for ... you guessed it... city counsellors. Well... it seems the city is now debating a proposal to send this woman to Sweden so she can "investigate alternative waste management systems"... because, you know... social workers are really keen observers of waste management systems... um... WHAT THE FUCK? I mean... Send a civil engineer who can freaking grasp something from what he or she will see in Sweden... or maybe don't go to freaking Sweden at all... PHONE THEM and ask them about their crap disposal solutions. Sweden has taxes like you can't freaking believe so they prol'y have gold plated recycling boxes... and you better believe they don't limit the types of plastic residents can put at the curb in the recycle bin.
Oh... and she has tiny little feet. But that's another story.

Alrighty... boss is tapping his toe waiting for me... gotta go.

Have a great day muchachos y muchachas... :D
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