June 21st, 2004


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well... bed time...

We had a busy day...
I never got near the basement wall, but pretty well everything else went off without a hitch. :D
We both passed out for like two and half hours after getting the kids settled in their beds... zonk!

just say'en: DQ ice cream cakes... feed huge groups of people... and we have a lot of ice cream cake in the freezer.

Dinner with the family went wonderfully... and we spent the majority of it outside.
Croquet games and bar-b-q's....
champaign and cola...
hamburgers and salads.

It was all good.

Hey, how about some randomness;

~ every single boy and girl that comes out of High School should have a firm understanding of how to load and use a modern sewing machine.

~ the day after the Anglican "dioceses" (or whatever they're called) elected to defer - for three years - their churchs vote on supporting same sex marriage, the did pass into record the decision that the church "confirms the sanctity and integrity of adult same sex relationships".  Apparently even getting that through was a trick with the conservatives in the room.  Still... it's something. 

~ developing your childs sense of responsibility, with respect to his or her use of the internet is superior to extracting control over the internet through site restriction software or blocks.  The sense of responsibility will be with them always... and your controls will surely not be.  That sense of responsibility "building" thing... that's the hard part.  Time limits per week... computing in a family setting (versus tucked away in a bedroom)... are good starts... but it's a two way street.  It's a lot like a right-of-way... you gotta yeild it as a parent or they're never going to take it as young adults.

~ I wonder how my friend katy_kate is doing... and how indigojo for that matter... I hope you are both well...

Ok... bed time. :D

see ya.
the hand

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Regarding email...

If you have corto_@hotmail.com in your address book in your email for me...
scratch that...

and replace it with cortitto@gmail.com

thanks. :D

Monday... June 21~

Say it with me... Today is the Big Day.
That is... today is the longest day of the year.... hence... "big day".

Okidoki... looking out my window... all I see is sunshine (yes yes yes... I'm in a cube and have no window... shut up!)
The forecast calls for mid twenties (this is "perfect" in canadian dollars) for the next several days.
The only conclusion I can reach is that some kind soul has spread out a plastic sheet on mother natures bed, slathered her in veritable oil and re-introduced her to the whole notion of "multiples"
'cause baby this is orgasmically great weather.

Have you ever pulled an article of clothing out of your cupboard and basically held it up as a brand new whatever? Like I'm standing there this morning... pull down a hanger with a pair of black jeans on it and my first thought is... "oh, suz has miss-filed a pair of her jeans..." but no... these are mine... I can kinda remember... but I had clearly forgotten all about 'em. So I'm all about new black jeans today. :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ black jeans... (nice n' new kinda)
~ gray t-shirt
~ beige two tone tommy sweater.
~ well... I've several suddenly urgent bits of work to do... all seemingly designed to stave off a threatened re-org (lovely how they phrase that)...
~ meeting in 10 minutes that will set the pace for the rest of this week.
~ tonight? no idea... hence the basement wall may end up the "job de'jour". :D
~ to send some good wishes out to roaring_woman... her water broke a few minutes ago... no really... and she's off to have her next baby... :D
~ for a phone call to show up for midnighthour... :D :D :D
~ that sweet lil'angry_amy would be a little nicer to herself... it's not that bad honey... it's just working out the details in a relationship...

Go to MSNBC (http://www.msnbc.com) NOW to catch the free video of the SpaceShipOne Launch.!!!
It launched at 10:00 am EST today and heralds the next wave of mans motions towards space.
Robert Heilen would fucking cream himself on the spot if he were alive to see this day.
SpaceShipOne is a privately funded SPACE CRAFT as part of the X PROJECT.
The X-Project hands 10 million US$ to the first non-government organization that can put the same craft 100 miles up with two passengers twice within two weeks. (I may have the details wrong here but you get the idea).
It is... for me... a very exciting thing.
Pay no attention to the notion that we may soon see coal dust marking a Nike Swoosh across the face of the Moon.
Can you freaking imagine? hahahaha...


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Rather a long time ago...
I was fortunate enough to come across a young woman
in journal land who was a working photographer. Her
work was very creative and she was very expressive.
I would say it this way...

"She is a luminary in her exploration of a lifestyle that asked the world to stop being boring."

She has just lost her battle with cancer and it is a sad thing.

She was an exciting and creative woman and I know she has made a lasting mark on the lives of many people in the real world through her work and her spirit.

May you rest in a peace that fits around you like the comforting hand of a life long lover.
You are a good girl ... and you have earned your place among my sweetest memories.

Now sleep the last sleep...
May you wake with a body freed from lifes torture
And walk among the periwinkle...
Laughing quietly at how silly the name "periwinkle" really is,
And remembering the love and lovers...
That will never let go of you.

Good bye dear Kat.
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the hand

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hahaha... wow...
ok, so I was going mental because I was giving a gmail invite to a friend and no matter what I did... it never seemed to get to her.

Now I find out that yahoo has set up a filter to auto trash gmail invites.

That is the lowest of the fucking lows yahoo...

Very very bad move on their part.

I hear Hotmail did it too... but I have no first hand knowledge.

At least I know I'm not nuts and actually did send those invites... :D

er... ok... quiet... maybe I am nuts just not that nuts...