June 20th, 2004


Good Morning!! Sunday, June 20

Happy Fathers day!!

There are a lot of dads out there on my friends
list and several mom's who have becomes beacons
of "wow" by playing both parental roles...
and I want to say to you all that I am made to feel
like a better man through the great opportunity to
share in your worlds.  Parenting is, for me, the single
greatest endeavour in this life and for all it's challenge...
and all the emotional testing...
there is nothing to compare it's rewards to.

My fathers day began with my wee boys and their mom
rolling me into a sun beam on the bed and presenting
me with some lovely things!!

Check those out!!!
Those are poured concrete "stepping stones" decorated little gems and with a hand print pressed into each by my boys along with their names and the year.  They will go in our garden!! A truly inspired gift idea between Suzanne and the boys...  *(my foot is there to give you a size perspective).

~~~ and ~~~

A wee package arrived from my secret crush on the far side of the planet!! Sauce all the way from South Africa!! Thank you Nola (teaser) for the sauces and the "tart mix" :D
There will be much spicing up at meal time for the next little while.
For those of you interested... check out the Nando web site... www.nandos.co.za They make an unbelievable Peri Peri sauce... :D
~ pj pants...
~ a pixel frazzling white t-shirt...
~ a happy fathers day time smile...
~ ug... actually got a lot planned for today
~ yard stuff...
~ kite stuff...
~ basement wall stuff...
~ and we're having 12 people (my side of the family tree) over for dinner... :D
~ a happy fathers day to my many "dad" zone friends... :D
~ that I get a chance to write a bit about the mini "journal drama" from friday... but I'll save that for later.
~ a happy birthday to a forever friend and a very happy young woman ... ladyfire... may all your dreams come true. !!
~ to send a big screaming "congratulations" out to Cathy (canuckgirl) on the permenant resident status!!
~ that I get time tomorrow to listen to the sound files from Nikki The Garden Bum's radio show... :D :D (wolfiegirl)
~ I could actually express how impressed I am by so many of the people on my friends list...

Oh man... i soo need a shower and to get "all the way awake" ;D

Later skaters...

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happy birthday dave

Just cannot stand back and let a man of such advancing years not hear a hearty Happy Birthday from a wee pup like moi...

So... inspectorjury... I hope a grand year is ahead for you...
and remember... there's only a few left... so don't hold back. :D

ar ar ar...

No seriously... thank you for the kindness of your friendship.