June 11th, 2004


friday... friday... friday... June 11.

Flash-Back-Machine Day: With a nod to razzberee, my first post from June 11, 2003 was a short verse...
If I were Everyman,
I might be heard to say;
"I want to be everywhere
and I want to do it all today."

I went to bed last night... like any other night... and within moments I was drifting away...
and then... clear as a bell... I heard the door bell ring. Loud and clear.
Heart pounding... I sprang from the bed... and wandered in my tshirt and ftls downstairs.
I turned on the hall light, the outside light (it was 2:00 am) and flung open the door.
Nothing. nadda... zippy-ola.

~ black stripee ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: and yeah, I'm still making a spectacle of myself... :D :: ]
~ strong bad t-shirt!! :D
~ dk gray fake silk shirt... I forget what it's called, (even though someone - sugar-brawnze? -told me a while ago) but it's sorta not s'posed to be tucked in... anyways... I like it. :D
~ source some good OCR software for an HP scanner... either that or type a shit load of stuff in... (working on the reusable engagement thing)
~ dinner at my parents house I think...
~ find someone whos up to date on all things Magic The Gathering like... need to decide if these 9 year old revised cards are too "special" to let my son trade with buddies ... etc...
~ that the next 11 days (and 15 hours) pass reasonably well for kaylee ... :D (she's Jamaica bound, lucky duck)
~ for the rainy days to be fun days for play in the house of pixiecup
~ that all the peeps getting their gmail invites go out and do good things with them... :D
~ I understood what was up with get_fuzzy... is there some problem with copyrite? Gah!! I love that comic... seriously... that and sin-fest are my current "must read" comics. :D

The other day... I wrote about the concept of political parties...well, political candidates having a fixed amount of "credibility" to share between them. The notion being that a) credibility is an important part of winning an election and that b) if one candidate gains... it's at the expense of the other. Well lets look at the situation today. The Liberal party is facing poor polling results and in a bold admission of a total absence of self-confidence began (today) running hard ass negative advertisements bashing the competition. This totally tears at your credibility dude... you don't lift yourself up by cutting others down. And the worst part is... I don't much like Stephen Harper... (the conservative candidate) but I dislike him the least of all the other choices.
... and... AND (SHOUTING NOW) hey NDP... have ever considered the possibility that getting rid of the [ :: puke green and washed out orange :: ] colour scheme... geezus.

well that felt good. :D

Now... it's time to have a friday...
Where ever you are... whatever is going on in your world...
I hope you find a chance to smile like a monkey at a stranger.
They'll laugh and you'll feel good. I promise.
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* question *

Ok... so far I have two addresses that cannot resolve any image files from my server... basically they cannot see my server at all...

Please leave me a comment if you never see the image files in my morning posts... (as in, you are not forced to see me grinning at you every day... )

No really... I want to find out why and need to assess via the ip addresses that will be logged to this thread if you reply. :D




~ Why do they put the perforations in toilet paper ever four inches?
I mean...
If you've ever ripped off a four inch square to clean up, then ...
I don't wanna know.

~ Dude at work, I'm calling him KB...
had lunch with a few coworkers including Ketchup Boy.
We went to this snaggs pizza parlour...
and we get this huge, perfect pizza,
Huge teeth server girl delivers a slice to each of us...
and KB freak'en coats his with ketchup.
Like, he's using a butter knife to smooth out the ridges in his ketchup.
Never... I've never heard of this... let alone witnessed it.

~ No matter what's going on...
Or how he's feeling...
if you wanna see my dad smile and all animated,
you just bring up the "potato gun".

~ hey... I said it was random.

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for the life of me...
I cannot understand why otherwise cautious
friends in journal are running that cyrillic text poll russian thing...

It what?
It automatically posts itself into your journal if you're logged in?
Oh... yeah that sounds fine...