June 10th, 2004


Thursday, June 10

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It's a nice day guys... the air cooled off (slept like a log last night... it was heavenly) but it's sunny and gorgeous out there.
... and not for nuthen, but it's sunny and gorgeous inside me too... sometimes the way friendships work can leave you feeling soooo great. :D
When two hearts bump into one another... you can't help but share a little warmth.

Google Mail is weird. I love all the nods the interface gives to UNIX... (the "vi" editor keyboard shortcuts - for example... lol). But the way it handles LJ replies is strange... I logged in to find three new emails... yet there were a dozen actual comments under those to read and respond to.. This will take some getting used to. :D It really works the "blogging" angle into it's email system.

Do you like candles?
Do me a favour and go to [ :: www.candlemadness.com :: ] and check their web site out.
I'm paying something forward and it would be a nice thing if you all cruised through that web site.
ps. The canadian $ version of that site will be up soon... I link it eventually. :D

~ gray ftls
~ black?? not sure... I suppose they're black... but the tag said "navy" ... whatever... kinda cargo kinda docker pants
~ groovy grayish (is there a green tone in there?) shirt with a zipper on the shoulder...
~ on messing more with gmail....
~ must MUST reach a conclusion with the freak style sheet thing today... I've got it in hand... it's just a matter of sorting out details. :D
~ more reading... gah! binders of photocopied pages of text... are a bitch to read....
~ tonight? no idea... maybe a movie... :D :D
~ that my friend pixiecup feels a wee bit better ... and gets her "space".
~ for a speedy recovery from scrapes and bruises to my friend nordicgrrl... and be careful sugar!!!
~ to send some good karma out to my friend wikkidpixie... just 'cause...
~ for some success for agateway... goodness knows you could use a break sugar. :D
~ to point out that the lickmylips fucking rocks... :)
~ and that the move goes well for kysrinaria and that she keeps a few spoons in reserve.

// mini rant

I cannot believe what has become of our education system for kids.
I mean... my 8 year old has had so much freaking homework in the last two weeks it's crazy. I'm talking about HOURS per night... it's fucking grade three man!!! What gives???????
My niece in grade... what? 11? is working till three AM on homework and she's in a family of high-achievers... it's definitely not like she procrastinated and had to catch up.
All for what?
I would have liked to be able to say... FOR NOTHING... you can go to the local university and you don't need to be a freakazoid A student all the way through high school for that... but apparently that's no longer the case. I was a hard core "C" student... I went to college after working for two years following HS... then went to University after that... It took me a while to realize life as a restaurant worker bee was going to suck fiery cocks in hell... But I know one thing for sure... the kids who spent all of HS getting straight A's are no better off today than I am...
Now... why are kids in public school (grades nuth'en to 6) struggling so hard ... teachers weighted down with monster work loads and giant classes...
I have no idea but it's sucking the life out of a generation and we are going to pay for this... I mean it.
There will be a backlash.
And when they grow up...and ask what the hell we were doing ripping their childhood from them and shoving it into a 50 lb book bag...
What are we going to say?

// fine... whatever

okidoki... have a great day... :D :D
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we are the family of fruit...

wait... that sounds wrong.

I'm talking watermelon, strawberries, kiwi (little birds... Hi Nola), pineapple (who lives in a pineapple under the sea...) and bananas...

ok... maybe we're the family of pee...