June 8th, 2004


... :D


~ areo bar ... good.

~ I was reminded tonight of just how challenging it is to be
parents of 1-3 year old siblings... Most of the first year is a
breeze compared to anything that comes after about eight
months and on to three years.  In their own way they play
parents with as much precision as a concert cellist... kind
of an instinct thing.  Learning to walk and learning to make
choices and learning to use a bathroom and learning to play
independently and learning to go to sleep and and and and... 
It's hard on relationships...
It's hard on individuals...
And it's a dramatically rewarding labour of love.
It makes me realize how good we have it with our kids these days.
Save a spoon for friends in that place...

~ it's hot... it's A/C time tomorrow... supposed to be up in the 90's

~ I'm definitely going to bed at a good time tonight... !!!
(looks at clock ... pinches self)

~ too bad about the cup... but the flames sure had a great run. 
(I turned it on EXACTLY as the final buzzer sounded... exactly!)

~ today has been a good day. 

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hey... there's a [ :: transit of venus :: ] tomorrow morning...

So in the EST zone... get yer binoculars (don't look through them dufus) and a piece of paper.
Between sun up and about 7:25 AM;
If you can put the binoc's on something ... tripod, or on a stack of books... whatever...
All the better... it'll keep them still.
Adjust them to focus at infinity... and point them directly at the sun.
** Hello!! don't look through them!! **
And then put the paper (I put mine on a piece of cardboard) behind the eye piece a few inches.
You're looking for a disk of the sun and a black dot on it.
Over a few minutes it (the dot) will change position relative to the disk.

Big whoop... I know... but show your kids...
They will never get another chance to see this in their lifetimes.

ok ok ...

Time for bed.

ni ni... :D

de-bigulator! Tuesday, June 8

Thank you ... thank you very much...

Yeah... so the alarm went off... and after snoozing once I got up and started sorting myself out to see the transit... only to find that the lovely growing forest out my back door was making it really freaking hard to get a bead on the rising sun... Oh sure... it shines through the trees and lights up our kitchen... but but but but... I'd have had to dash around my back yard in my underpants to get an good angle. I finally got one at 7:20 and fuck if I could see anything... so I crawled back into bed for a 10 minute snuggle and then got the day started. :D

~ blue ftls...
~ new dk blue dockers (yes... after 7 months... I finally got them)
~ two tone blue golf shirt...
~ to find someone or something that can properly explain how "relative" positions in style sheets (html) work as opposed to absolute... ... I mean, relative to what? I would have though it was to the last z-referenced element... but that does not seem to be the case... grrrrrr
~ begin a new public facing web page for the team...
~ and do a bunch of reading to continue the process of building the BS15000 reusable engagement...
~ hmm... tuesday night... maybe... just maybe... get to that video work tonight...
~ I had a copy of Army Of Darkness to watch... (no, I've never seen it... want to...)
~ ladyfire has a nice time tanning at lunch....
~ that kumi remembers... no punching the boys... gives a girl big knuckles... :D
~ to send some quiet, appreciative and love'en vibes out to my friend saxton... who is more than she knows.
~ that life would spin in just the right way so that I could end up in a casual restaurant with wolfiegirl ... boy would I enjoy that company. :D

We went to a friends house for dinner last night... with the boys...
These are the friends from the west coast...
So two "months old" babies... two toddlers...
and our two boys... It was a busy time...
and completely enjoyable.

Oh and dude at dinner was dealing with the cuts of meat we were serving the kids...
They were too big.. so we had to cut 'em up.
His comment was that we needed to put the meat in the "de-big-ulator". Say that fast...
What a perfect word.

The current election'eering in Canada...
Makes me think about credibility.

Credibility seems to me to be a "fixed mass" concept.
There is a specific amount of credibility out there and the various candidates are vying for their share.
If you have any... then it's at the expense of another.
Sure, you can say that every one of them could have "credibility" but, besides messing with my little story,
that still doesn't negate the notion that if one candidate gains credibility...
he or she does as another candidate loses some.
Unfortunately, like a "right of way" you cannot claim credibility... it has to be yielded to you.
Showing up your opponent and claiming they have lost credibility doesn't enhance your own credibility.
It's an "earned" thing.

The Liberal Government, lead by Paul Martin, former Finance Minister and current PM just does not have much credibility.
So where has all that credibility gone...? Who got it?
Not Layton (NDP)... I mean... he talks a good talk but it's still a socialist agenda the marginalizes effort and contribution.
The Green party? Maybe... I dunno who's leading them... but whoever it is... is prol'y stuck to a tree somewhere in British Columbia so screw 'em.
This leaves the Conservative party... will they pick it up? That available credibility?
I think that this is the only thing standing between NOW and a Conservative win in the June 28th election...
While it will likely be a minority government... hence, kinda useless...
All that has to happen for the Conservatives to win... is for Harper (Conservative candidate) to earn a little of that available credibility before the Crime Boss (Martin).
All they (the Conservatives) have to do to screw it up completely, is get caught up in trying to "claim credibility" - which backfires, or field a lie that gets caught.
Ok ... this is hugely boring...
I'll shut up now. :D

Have a great day!!!
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front walk...

Well, the front walk is finished...

~ and don't be deluded into thinking this is something I did myself.
Super-contractor dude... his little french cronies... and (seriously) their girlfriends... did the work.

It's absolutely gorgeous!!! Z and I went out the "Central Precast" industrial stone zone... to pick the walkway stone colour and pattern and the retaining wall colour and "stack type"... We drew pictures and stood in the yard point and gesturing... and Contractor dude seemed to understand. :D 

The results are fabo!!
(click these thumbs!)

A close up of the "turret" planter...

And a closer view of the walkway...