June 2nd, 2004


Wednesday... who said Hump ... June 2

My little soccer man... he really digs doing the morning pics with his dad... :D

I want desperately to post links to these posts a friend is making...
but they're protected...
so I'll email her later today and ask her about that...

Scratch that... they're also posted to a community... the links to the letters are;
:: Here :: and :: Here ::
The thing is... they are reprints of emails she is receiving from friends of hers that live in Saudi Arabia... working as Ex-Pats...
She (my journal friend) grew up in that part of the world and now is safe and sound in the heartland.
People... you have to understand... this is seriously moving stuff.
The impact of the attacks on the compounds of foreign workers and their families... it's terrifying.

It really makes you look around and think maybe it's time to count your blessings...

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ gray t
~ dk gray silk kinda shirt... the "untuck" monster...
~ to make this short, because...
~ I have a ticking clock over my head regarding a document-re-write that has to be done in a couple of hours... big snappy rush...
~ to figure out how to constrain the changes that occur in a web page when someones default text size for their computer (not just IE) is like 120%. It may have something to do with absolute versus relative references in the Cascading Style Sheet... ideas?
~ Soccer tonight for my little Geo...
~ that the men in my back yard - as I type - do a good job with the sod... and ...er... ripping up my front yard.
~ to send the sound of applause (apple sauce?) out to catherine ... you know... just 'cause.

~ to put out some good vibes and wrap 'em around aliminx...
~ to point out that I have nothing but honey for ninneviane even if she has an odd head... :D

My morning drive to work radio time is usually spent with CBC Radio One... and todays "The Current" included a sit down argument with the Lt. Chairs of the three main Fed Election Political Parties... Gah!! it was hilarious. These guys should be given big Nerf Bats and told to go for a "last man standing" thing. The poop is very clearly going to hit the fan in this election... and dude... as fun as that sounds... when poop hits the fan.... it friggen splatters all over the place... and in a federal election, that basically means all over the country.

oh well... at least we don't have Bush.
(no, instead we have a crook, a harpy and a fiscally insane moustache... gasp... we are sooooooooooo lucky).
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best part of a big spicey spaghetti dinner at night is the yummi spaghetti lunch the next day...
(good thing I didn't wear a white shirt... :D)

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fancy that... the fabric store across the street from my office has rip-stop nylon.

~ gets ready to go for a walk... and starts thinking about the kite again...

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ok... screw this...

I'm outti.

Soccer balls, peels of laughter, breathless little boys... and that little ripply noise that flags make when the wind owns their ass...
It's a wednesday. :D

I had such a major freak out (mfo) this morning (effort + intensity + various levels of boss breathing on the back of neck as their fingers tap-iddy-tap on the desk = MFO)
... that by the time my tummy got used to lunch taking up all that space ... I was right ready for a little nap.

Second wind has kicked in... just in time to drive home... which, you know, is infinatly better than sleeping while driving.
Filing-your-nails while driving... yeah, that's ok... but sleeping? no-can-do-muchacho.

Oh... and it's Wednesday... that means it's time for a little number 2 and 3 step buffing action on the "I'm insane about my nails" front.

alright... must go.
See ya.

ps. go back in ladyfire's journal till you find a Phone Post. Doesn't her voice sound great... all smiling and happy... it's a good voice... :D

pps. If you are a rich person masquerading as an average person... and want to play summer time santa... I'd like a HP/compaq 4155 please... oh gawd...
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So the back yard...



but it'll be another week before we can really get into it...
for now... sprinklers and patience. :D

Soccer was fun.
Geo had his first go-round with playing in Nets...
He did great letting nothing past,
considering the mini-human before him had let in 5...

Our front walk has been ... removed...



The finished product there will be something... :D

(and yeah, I know... no "cut" but I'm in a laaaazy mood. :D)