May 31st, 2004


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movie blur:
The blending together of a given actor’s
movie portfolio, resulting in a disconnect
between the memory of a given scene
and a specific movie.
Incidence: Varies in proportion to said
actor’s "of the moment" status.
Root cause: marketing and release
schedules saturate public eyes with
a hitherto unparalleled assault through
diverse media.
Example: Angelina Jolie, lamenting
men’s laziness as demonstrated by
the way he sits down to pee.
Quick… which movie?
Sure you got it…
But how many movies titles did you
have to cycle through to get there?


Today was Edwards first soccer game for the season.
He's six... and you gotta understand... these are the cutest games to sit and cheer at in the entire universe.

He's keen this year... which is great and obvious from his enthusiasm on the field today... (he's number 7)

There are "lord of the dance" moments...

But mostly he and his team mates exceed the boundaries of cute.

The thing is...
There are this many kids on Edwards team...

And this many parents perched along the sidelines watching...
(psst. this is a little panorama shot... )

And this goes on late sunday afternoon for the rest of the summer. :D
And I really like my little camera...

Monday... The End Of May.

Sunshine... great radiant epiphany style, endless landscapes of sunlight...
I left my kinda business like / kinda commercial airline pilot trench coat in the car...
and walked through a breeze to the office.
Clearly Mother Nature is basking in the afterglow of several hundred orgasms.
Thank you.

May is becoming the footprints you find when you try to figure out who killed Winter.
June, and the childrens voices, is one small garden fence away...
You can jump one of those with an arm full of Lillacs without even breaking a sweat.

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk green dress pants
~ maroon shirt... nice shirt...
~ keen!
~ teady bear tie... not sure why... but it's become a tie day...
~ begin a new project ... a new "reusable engagement package" ... this one on something called BS15000...
~ finish a stage (stage two!) of the internal web site..
~ The Tic!
~ go to a brick yard at lunch to meet Suz and pick "interlock" to be used in our next house project... (front walk)
~ maybe watch the (weeee) season finale of Enterprise that I was able to tape from TSC last night... (thank you thank you thank you)
~ for all kinds of good ol'healen vibes to find their way to The Notorious Kym (nbbmom)
~ spoon!
~ you could see this hat... coworker dude came home from a conference and brought a propeller beenie. :D I'll try and get pic for tomorrow. :D
~ that you were sharing in my enjoyment of Katie Galexie (you have to scroll back through the comic strip to get to the start)
~ for all kinds of "get better" to swoop down on my pal Nola... (teaser)
~ and sixtyten... may you bathe in Evokers Rings... :D

My PHI has been struggling... but I shall prevail. It's a rule.

When you don't know where you're going...
do your best to at least enjoy the trip.
Think of it as insurance.

Here's a cool bit of data ganked from my friend bigbull's journal this morning.

~ A billion seconds ago, it was 1959.
~ A billion minutes ago, Jesus was alive.
~ A billion hours ago, our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.
~ A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate the Canadian Gov't spends it.

Yeah... it's a Memorial Day in the US... enjoy muchachos y muchachas... enjoy. :D

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Ok... today's done.
We met and looked at rocks...
We picked Tan and Black stones to make walkways and walls...
And then we kissed.

Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.
Other times, it is a moment pick up and cannot put down, because that would mean letting go of something wonderful.

I'll see you later....

and one more thing

Facing life's endless trial and it's greatest pleasures,
we talk about being brothers and sisters.

Now think;

~ how it must feel to be a Muslim and to see the way your faith has been hijacked by extremists and now is essentially equated with terrorism.

~ how television news clips from Iraq that are followed by public opinion polls on US / Middle East policies impact on the quiet dreams of a retired military veteran.

~ serving your country for several years as a member of the military forces, surviving, returning home... and being injured by a drunk driver.

~ being a mother or a father of an active duty allied Forces service man or woman and .... waiting.

Now think again... of being brothers and sisters.
Your family needs you.
Be there.
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