May 29th, 2004


(no subject)

Yeah... so a plate full of macadamia nut and white choco cookies (nuth'en says loven like fund raiser cookie dough campaigns from the school) are slowly vanishing beside me (chew chew chew)...

Tomorrow is a "street garage sale"... and we (mostly z actually) have been sorting and then sorting again... and after about sixty seven hundred thousand trips from the basement playroom to the garage... we have ... "culled the herd"... you might say.  It's gonna go great... we have a bunch of Little Tykes and FP stuff and the street is gonna be crawling with alien species hard core garage sale junkies.  The end result will be a dramatic reduction in ccccccrap in the basement that the kids never play with... so cool.

Oh... and we gotta get the kids through mid morning swimming lessons... and then get ready for company tomorrow night.


CFS and 143.