May 26th, 2004


Wednesday? it's wednesday right? May 26...

:::::::::::::::::::[ and we couldn't help making faces ]::::::::::::::::::::
(which is all very significant because edward has been in a really
off-put mood lately and almost never lets me take his picture... :D)

Yeah... ok... so I watched maybe two episodes of the current America Idol thing when it was the "Auditions"... even saw smack-monkey "She Bangs" guy when he first did his pathetic little number. Then I totally ignored the show until last night. Z and I watched last night... sheesh... you know... they both kinda suck. Fantasia is not so bad... she's got the big honk'en voice... for a FREAKING CHICKEN. And what the hell is with her brother or whatever he is... You know that guy??? the guy in the "Check Out My Big Black Self In This Track Suit And Ma White Head Band" thang in the wings... holy freaking "Rapper Body Guard In Training".

Oh... and the other one... I bet you all thought she really was a 16 year old singing sensation... but THE TRUTH CAME OUT AT LAST. She's really Andy Kaufman... "tank you veddy mutch... tank you veddy mutch".

~ red stripee ftls
~ blue dockers...
~ kinda nice silky feeling material (but it's cotton) golf shirt
~ warm blue notes sweater... it's a bitch cold outside.
~ crap... it's time sheet day...
~ more web stuff... got total boss buy in to the whole web plan for the site yesterday afternoon after doing a show and tell on where I'm at. That little scrolling site history thing on my web page ( is outstanding... I modified a bunch of java script code to off load the actual scrolling content to a separate text file so you can update the NEWS by sending a simple text file to a web host and blah blah blah... but it's working way cool here on this project... n'stuff.. :D
~ and then the fun begins at 1:00pm... I'm off to see Dr. Mengela again today... re-root canal time... no freaking idea what's gonna happen but I know in advance that I'll be done for the day afterwards... fun eh...
~ to send some good luck vibes to doodle... you've got some hard work ahead sugar. I hope it goes well.
~ to dance around and make little noises... because my TALK RADIO GODDESS (wolfiegirl) will be back on Wave Station X in three weeks.... :D :D :D
~ that my friend ladyfire can hang on to her sanity a little longer... Personally, I think she should just do little i-Pod like commercial dances to use up that energy...
~ to... um... even though she's gonna think it's tainted and "not special anymore"... send some big up type vibes to a very precious new friend... complet_je. She's walking a harsh road and doing it with some serious personal strength... You're a remarkable woman Sugar and I hope this path takes you exactly where you want to be.

Suz and I are watching American Idol last night... and marvelling at how Paul Anka (he sang "I did it my way") has become a black man... and then there was an advertisement for "Soul Plane" (the movie). Holy crap! who freaking makes these movies? Talk about shoving black people into a pathetic pit of their own stereotypes... I can assume this shit is outrageously funny... TO A 14 YEAR OLD... but I'm guessing it's not a PG film. And what? Am I just being a stick in the mud or is that sort of movie the most horrid exploitation thing in the universe... word... black-sploit-ation.

Ok ... enough of my big happy vibe... hahahaa...

Look... you plan your day around waiting for a guy with a half dozen earings to shove a needle into the roof of your mouth... then we'll talk. :D
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:: bounce ::

ok... done.

Ate a good lunch... (last meal kinda thing)
and now it's off to the torture chamber...
er... I mean dentist...

See ya.