May 23rd, 2004


Sunday, May 23!

Well, as my kids are wont to say when the subject of the weather comes up, "Don't ever trust the weather man!".  The called for three days of rain - it's a long weekend in Canada - and it's sunny and beautiful outside right now... and yesterday was fine... a little overcast... but a beautiful day.

For some reason, this weekend is turning into the "job jar weekend from hell".  I shall endeavour to correct that. :D

Yesterday was all about fixing that leaking pipe that soaked the inside of a basement wall... tomorrow will be all about ripping out that wall... but for now, we can use that outside tap again. :D 

We watched Paycheck last night... and see... I really don't like Ben Ashutuplick... but I can put up with him... especially if it's a fun story like that. I wasn't quite sure why the fiber optic cables needed to shoot out sparks when they were ripped out of the conduits but that's ok... (hahaha)

I want to see American Splendor...

~ pj pants and a 3WV tshirt... :D
~ to shower, shave and dress for what looks like a great day!!
~ a pathetic number of errands and chores...
~ season finale of Alias is on tonight...
~ to just send some good vibes over to nbbmom ... just 'cause
~ that my little lady on fire (ladyfire) is dancing around today... :)
~ happy Bird Rescuing to fireflieslie
~ that I get to making some birthday wishes later... :D

I didn't get anywhere near a place to buy kite material yesterday... anybody have any advice on what to use?
Umm... carefreespirit?? Miss Uber Kite Girl?

K... I have pictures from yesterday... and loads to read in the land of all'ya'all but today is much to beautiful to spend here...

So I'm outti... see ya later. :D
(and have a great day if the day will let you...)

(no subject)

When he walks away from "almost there" on an illusive next level in nintendo
To just walk up and take his crying little brother to play with something....

When I can hear him calling "Edward... you can go first."
As the gang of kids set up a new slide in the back jungles...

When his amazingly blood squeamish self scrunches his eyes closed..
So he can approach and bring a band aid for his little brothers latest scape with death...

I know all is right in the world of my boys...
And that George will always be a good big brother.

busy day...


is what happens when you forget to close the inside "shut off" valve to an outdoor tap...
That bulge is where ice expanded...

It now looks like;

... and the outside tap

... with the new "river stone" drain zone below... (landscape fabric, sand and rocks).
(and that remarkably ugly lawn area is all seeded and roped off... if we're lucky... grass in a couple of weeks.)

And my house smells like Garlic Ribs... :D
My favourite meal to serve company... bb-q ribs and various fixens...
We're feeding my MIL tonight.

And, now that I'm actually getting ready to stand outside for a time (bbq)... it's starting to rain.
But it has been a beautiful sunny day.
Freaking weather people could not have been more wrong. !