May 11th, 2004


Survivor 8 Update!!!

Survivor VIII : The All Stars

The Ramber Show: The Finale

Wherein... we are treated to the best Survivor has had to offer in several seasons... Lex sputters, Rob kneels, Amber uses two hands, and Jenna lays the seeds for years and years of frustrating dreams.  While some Survivors had fun being utterly cruel to one another, others fessed up to getting nekkid together and while that may sound fun, the real deal was the look on Jeff’s face as all this was unfolding... If he was smiling at the “ugly fest” of a jury, he was surely getting wet spots when the final two sprung their little surprise.  Oh, and somebody poured a bucket of water over The Wicked Witch Of The West.

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Tuesday? May 11... it's tuesday right... hmm..

I will go down with this ship
and I wont put my hands up and surrender
there will be no white flag above my door
I'm in love... and always will be...
(Dido just kinda does it for me... )

The sun is shining in a clear blue sky...
there's a slight breeze carrying a cool reminder April...
a more perfect day cannot be imagined.
I should be all bummed out because I have to spend it here in cube land...
but I plan on making regular escape attempts...
even if they catch me, it wont be till I'm out the door and basking in the sunlight...

So... imagine the birds eye view of that... me... bolting out the door, throwing my arms out and running around the fountains in the sunlight... and several sales people and a manager or two... grabbing me... dragging me back into the building... ah-ha... but I break free and run away again...

See ... this is what happens... it's like the cumulative effect of prolonged exposure to cube land...
You get whack...

~ red stripee ftls
~ black jeans
~ red p-z golf shirt... :D
~ WOHOOOO... the new bid was cancelled... which, btw, means that the mind numbing meeting yesterday was for nothing... but still... it's a load off!!!
~ to start work on a new web site for my boss... just a internal promo page but still... it's basic creative time :D
~ bank... must do some banking...
~ meet with someone at 1:00 (cryptic huh... hahaha)
~ tonight? no idea...
~ to send some congrats out to beachdog on the graduation of the girls... and on your big move... Lone Star here comes the Dog. :D
~ for a little less itch'en in the world of icicle...
~ I could do something to help my friend angry_amy grab hold of some really good and strong positive energy...
~ that _jamielynne_ continues to have a fantastic time on her world tour... :D
~ and to just say sugar... a few times... to jmm2_29... just 'cause.

Hey!!! Congratulations!!!!
~ that is one sneaky little nutmeg... she went and got married last weekend. :D
May you dance and spin in great glorious vats of happiness sweet Meg...

ps. I'm making a break for it... :D
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Dear Journal Reader:
If you are the person or persons from Brunei Darussalam that has been visiting my web site...
please write to me at I would love to correspond with you.

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okidoki... enough is clearly enough.

I'm outti.

Leaving a wee bit early to enjoy as much of the NOT IN THE OFFICE CUBE day as possible.

... and I even accomplished something today... :D


Smiles don't hurt
and love doesn't cost a thing.
So what are you waiting for?


//rant on

The Palestinian leadership today accused the Israeli government of "embarking on a dangerous path of escalation".

Please take a second to understand this...

Forget all the history of the region...
Forget the idiotic wall that Israel is building...
And forget the suicide bombers...
Just for a moment.

The Plestinians BLOW UP A MINE... (and claim to have film of the explosion) that takes out an Isaeli transport vehicle killing soldiers and wounding others...
The Israelis power up a helicopter gun ship and shoot an air to ground missile at some Palestinian location... killing several and wounding many more.
Then... THEN the Palestinians hold a news conference to self-righteously accuse the Israelis of "embarking on a dangerous path of escalation"...

While President Bush is committing undefined bazillions of dollars to the "road map to peace" in the middle east...

Do you see how freaking insane this is?

Now look to iraq... A video? Hooded murders reading a statement?
They get all talkative about the horrible actions of the US and then they behead that american dude. 
Maybe the Palestinians should tell those Iraqis' that they're embarking on a dangerous path of escalation...

Maybe it doesn't really matter...

Maybe this whole escalation thing is total fucking bullshit...
I could go on and on... but the simple fact is that it's called EXCUSES

Excuses are the worthless mutterings of the indefensible and the pathetic whining of guilty.

//rant off

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"Voting for me is a vote for positive change in reality television"
~ Jerri Manthey


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