May 7th, 2004


friday... phew... finally. :D May 7

:::::::[ web site friday picture ]::::::::

It's friday... can you do me a favour?
Take a moment and... VOTE for me.

If you click that button, you will go to a page at "cam-ville".
From there you will have to click a "confirm" button.
There is no evil pop up action here...

Join me in pulling Hotmails shirt up and blowing a long, wet, nasty raspberry on it... what the hell does "This server is too busy"... I mean, if an atomic bomb blew up in Seatle... then sure... I can understand a hotmail server being busy... oh wait... let me guess... You guys run Hotmail on a windows server...

~ green ftls
~ blue jeans... getting a little tatty... [:: I suppose I need new jeans... ::]
~ strong bad... :D :D (a shirt that my pal kimberly27616 sent me... )
~ denim shirt... blaze'en out the company logo from the company that got gobbled up by my present employer..
~ ma shit kicker shoes... feel a bit like stomp'en today
~ to read a new bid...yup... finished the bid we've been slogging with for the last two weeks... and I get to start on a new one... weeeeeeee
~ write about Survivor at lunch... :D
~ tonight? really not sure...
~ to send some powerful love'en vibes out to kumi... there are bad people out there sugar... I'm glad it only went as far as it did... and cool beans on pushing back!
~ for all the incentive package action you can handle out to riot_grrl... I've been there sugar... I hope it works out for you.
~ that lizvang stops dream'en like that... er...
~ all the very best to beachdog and big props for taking the world by the tail... and pulling.
~ to just say that hotblue wedding pictures are adorable...
~ and while we're on that topic... the pictures true_nexus posted of sickboy's wedding on the beach in Cuba... are equally adorable!!
~ um... I love weddings... I turn to mush ... but I love 'em just the same. :)

So how the hell can they have let Friends run long? Anybody who set their VCR to tape from 9:00 to 10:00 got fucked... how shitty is that? I mean... we were lucky... we just waited and watched the last five minutes in another time zone... and we had really missed the best part there... I thought Z was gonna kill me when it clicked off (the video recording) five minutes before the show ended... oh, and that CIBC commercial where the family is moving and dad surprises mom by moving the wall with all the growing-kids-height-markers on it to the new house was on immediately after the last split second of friends... I was a mess... :) but if the commercial hadn't been there... ah, who am I kidding... I lost it when the dumb answering machine scene ended (notice how I say all that without giving anything away... )
and ps. Did monica ever look non-plussed on Leno... er... I mean Courtney... but Lisa... sweet mercy...

Hey... are you enjoying the news lately... oh man... I've so gotta take this iraqi prisoner thing to the next level... I learned quite a bit by going through the talk-talk-talk of posted comments after that last big ass rant about this subject... I love that I learn stuff from the discussions those rants spark. However... no time right now... must... return... to... this... topic.... :D
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Survivor 8 Update!!

Survivor 8: The All Stars!!

Uncle Tom’s Stabb’en.

Wherein...the unbelievable stupidity of these last five pencils is made more obvious than Anna Nicole Smiths last quarter-pounder. Good plots go bad, being a hoe gets ya a car, and being a pawn simply does not pay off... regardless of Fiona Apples long song titles.

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long day... and it was marked by having two rediculously large projects dropped on my lap. One is going to totally mess with my Monday... as in Monday is a write off... grrrr...

any ways...
today is part of the past...

::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::

Now it's time to drive into the sun... and try to forget about work.

Have a great Friday night muchachos y muchachas...

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~ Playing with video stuff from Geo's recital the other day... :)

~ TMI'ish but that boy... he must have consumed so horrific demonic thing because we were playing gamecube stuff earlier and he, in all his tiny little person self, lets off a stinker that made the entire basement uninhabitable for hours.

~ don't ya hate it when you get all into some net related purchase, go through the process and end up with a credit card payment screen that keeps failing to process... (and yes, it's their fault... lol)

~ Fridays.... mean the Future Shop and Best Buy weekly fliers show up. It's like a ritual to go look at how much the 17" flat panel monitors are...

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I should have known better
than to let you inside
where you could dance and swim

she should have known better
than to go to him
when she would twirl and spin

we should have know better
than to open those doors
when they would never close

but where's the fun in that?